Hold Your Breath it’s Almost Here

Hold your breath – LANDWorksCAD v.6 is just around the corner!

We are now on the final stages of development and testing of the stand-alone version. (the AutoCAD and Bricscad versions will follow)

Here are just few of the exciting new features and enhancements to look forward to.

  • Easy Search process – to quickly filter and select your plants to insert. It’s faster and simpler than ever.
  • Custom ‘Palettes’ that allow you to create and name logical groups of plants to select from. You could for instance create a a pallette of only natives or ones that grow well near the ocean or are particularly hardy in desert regions or ones you used in a previous job. The uses are endless.
  • Visual Plant Selector so you don’t have to guess what a figure looks like when choosing to use it in to your database.
  • Mass Planting Tools to insert large regions of plants in all sorts of planting patterns in one go – really cool! It even lets you use a simple plane without figures to represent an area of plants.
  • Customised Enhanced Labelling tools that allow for dozens of combinations of labelling styles. Our USA clients will love this improvement particularly. It even has multiline labelling and fully automatic updating as your design changes.
  • Customisable Enhanced Schedules with heaps more options including hatched planting regions, bold headings, easy column selector and even the ability to save named schedule types.
  • Automatic Plan Shadows to instantly enhance your plans. Fully customisable for all or each plant in almost unlimited styles.
  • Enhanced Existing Plant Replace tools to swap-out Circles on a survey plan for Landworkscad Existing Plant Figures.
  • Find Unlabelled command to highlight existing plants that haven’t been labelled yet.
  • Enhanced Existing Plant Schedule with more display options.
  • Enhanced Proposed Plant Legend with sorting and size variations to get the look and feel you want.
  • Introduction of hardworks, eletrical, lighting and irrigation into the database.

LANDWorksCAD v.6 Create Plant Pallete Dialog Box

LANDWorksCAD users on Support Subscription

PlantFile Goes Mobile

PlantFile is the most comprehensive and useful plant database available as well as being very easy to use.

PlantFile is an easy-to-use database with over 3000 species and over 6000 cultivars and varieties of commonly used ornamental and native plants, together with over 14,000 photographs.

PlantFile covers common pests and diseases, and their control methods. PlantFile is a functional, real-time resource for anyone with an interest in plants – from gardening enthusiasts to professional horticulturalists and landscape designers. PlantFile is based on the principal database, which is networked through Horticultural Colleges in Australia and New Zealand.

In recent months PlantFile has released mobile applications for iPhone and Android phones. Visit the links below for more information:

if you are interested on the Windows application, you will find all the information here: PlantFile

Let’s Get Started

Our RealCAD Starter Pack and LANDWorksCAD Starter Packare a great opportunity for new CAD users to get to know CAD software in a short space of time and with ease. The packs include the complete software, training and support, all for less than $2 per day.

If you are reading this and you don’t already have CAD, this is the way to go to get the most of of CAD with very little outlay.

We have just released the a starter pack for ArborCAD too. ArborCAD is specifically designed for Arborists and Arboriculture work.

CAD International’s Social Media Channels

Our loyal clients have been asking for a long time for newer ways to get more in contact.

We have listened and uploaded dozens of new videos to our YouTube account and informing about news, tips and tricks and more through our Twitter account.

What is SketchCAD ?

SketchCAD is a combination of innexpensive 3D modelling and 2D drafting software that can be tailored to specific industry design needs. In simple terms it is a combination of products that get the job of design, visualisation and drafting done very cost effectively when precision to the millimeter is not always required. Since the specifications can differ wildly, we have created a new range of SketchCAD products to suit everyone.

Visit our SketchUp Product Range for more information or contact us for more details

Bricscad v12.2 Just Around The Corner

As promised, Bricscad delivers quality and affordable CAD software at your fingertips. The long awaited Block Manager option will be available very soon.

  • Block Manager – Browse blocks in non-open drawings and insert them in the current drawing from the new Blocks panel of the Drawing Explorer.
  • Viewport Layer Property Overrides – Override a layers visual properties in each viewport
  • New VLE functions in LiSP

You don’t have to wait a whole year to get new features. Buy Bricscad now and secure your free v.12.2 update when it is released.

Keep Your Shirt On

RealCAD is our easiest and most generic CAD program and it suits a wide range of industries – Recently we had an enquiry from a clothing manufacturer wanting a solution to assist them with showing clients the layouts of their branded shirts. They’d been using Photoshop but this was slow and complex for the task. Within a few minutes of using RealCAD they had dozens of new shirt layouts in different sizes and different colours. Now who would have though a CAD program could do that?

T-Shirt design in RealCAD

T-Shirt or Polo designs? RealCAD gives you easy to use tools to do the job in just a few clicks! Put your artistic flair to practice by using the different curve and plane commands to do the job easily!

Great Sales Tool for Manufacturers

Since its release, IronCAD Compose has become a great sales tool for companies that make component based equipment. Not only is IronCAD Compose a powerful viewer for 2D and 3D models from almost any CAD program such as Solid Works, Solid Edge, Inventor(*) and of course IronCAD, it is also capable of assembling and configuring components to form new assemblies, still with the ease of drag and drop.

IronCAD Compose Piping model example

IronCAD Compose is included on the IronCAD Trial Download and can be used freely without any time restrictions. You may download IronCAD for evaluation and get your free IronCAD Compose copy clicking here.

IronCAD is the leading CAD tool for Performance, Flexibility and Collaboration.

(*) IronCAD COMPOSE Trans (Translator) is required to read native files from IGES, ACIS, PARASOLID, STEP, CATIA, Unigraphics, Solidworks, Pro-E and Inventor.
Contact us for more details

EliteCAD Coming Soon

CAD International has chosen Europe’s most advanced architectural software, EliteCAD to take globally.

EliteCAD competes head to head with the likes of Revit and ArchiCAD and comes with more advanced, easier to use features and better BIM control. This is Swiss precision at its finest. 3D model-oriented CAD for Architects and building designers.

EliteCAD Sample Plan

Stay tuned as the software is rolled out into our markets. If you have an interest in being an “Early Bird’ in the region let your local CAD International office know and they will hold special intro pricing for you. Resellers are also wanted.

Contact us for more details

StrucPLUS v13 New Add-ons

Apart from Precast Panel Detailer and 3D Steel add-ons for StrucPLUS, we have expanded the add-ons available exclusively for StrucPLUS v13.

StrucPLUS v13 Electrical Slides

The new add-ons available for StrucPLUS v13 are:

  • StrucPLUS 3D Architectural Add-on
  • StrucPLUS SP Bonus Add-on
  • StrucPLUS Architectural Add-on
  • StrucPLUS Light Framing Add-on
  • StrucPLUS Transfloor Panels Add-on
  • StrucPLUS User Blocks Add-on

StrucPLUS v13 LT Frame Dropdown Menu

Contact us for more information and pricing

RealCAD and LANDWorksCAD Free Help Videos

  • We have re-designed the RealCAD and LANDWorksCAD Video Help pages on the web to make it easier to navigate.LANDWorksCAD Video Assistant

    Don’t forget the check the Help menu for great resources and to get you up and running fast.

    You may access the Video Assistants here:

    or from the RealCAD and LANDWorksCAD Help menu.

LANDWorksCAD® for AutoCAD®

Since releasing LANDWorksCAD for AutoCAD (and Bricscad)we have received many compliments from AutoCAD and Bricscad users doing landscape design. Productivity increases over CAD alone are at least triple…really!. It is a huge plus for existing CAD users in the landscape Architecture business.

See it yourself and download a trial evaluation of LANDWorksCAD for AutoCAD and Bricscad. Full AutoCAD 2010, 2011, 2012 and Bricscad v12 compatible.

“The documentation is clear and concise, and the YouTube videos are very helpful!”

Ruth Whitehead, “Whitehead Greenscapes”

Don’t Lose Your Block

As promised, Bricscad delivers quality and affordable CAD software at your fingertips. The long awaited Block Manager option is now available.

  • Block Manager – Browse blocks in non-open drawings and insert them in the current drawing from the new Blocks panel of the Drawing Explorer.
  • Viewport Layer Property Overrides – Override a layers visual properties in each viewport
  • New VLE functions in LISP

Buy Bricscad now and benefit for the most affordable and powerful AutoCAD alternative.

Bricscad v12 users may download the latest version of Bricscad here.