StrucPLUS and CAD Go Global

StrucPLUS Pty Ltd and CAD International have signed an agreement appointing CAD International as the global, exclusive distributors of the popular StrucPLUS software collection. StrucPLUS is the worlds leading structural detailing software. The software series is a set of invaluable tools for structural steel and concrete design and drafting. It works with AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT or IntelliCAD and has become the industry standard in its field.

Peter Coburn ,CEO of Struc-Plus Pty Limited, made the move to appoint CAD International, commenting on CAD’s ability to reach a wider audience and provide a greater level of expertise in technical support, sales and marketing.

“CAD’s new facilities and growth in the USA and its track record and long standing reputation as the worlds leading independent supplier of CAD solutions made it an easy decision to appoint them”, he said. “We will still be there to assist in supporting clients and in the upgrading and further development of the product as this is our core strength”.

More about StrucPLUS…

Landscapers Download…Childsplay

After much pruning and weeding of software code and plant library files, LANDWorksCAD is now available for evaluation by downloading from the web site. Previous file size limitations have excluded this software from being available for downloading. from the net.

New “Getting Started” tutorials designed especially for the beginner are also included in the download file and make the whole evaluation process much easier.

Broadband connections and clients willingness to trial software downloaded from the net has already seen a steady increase in the number of downloads each day. Downloaders save time and the cost of ordering an evaluation CD. Downloading LANDWorksCAD evaluation software is childsplay! Dump the file on your PC and play with the software ’till your hearts content. Click here to download.

Australian Template for Home Designer Pro 7

Get a fully Australian metric template file for your Home Designer Pro v7 software. 

This file has more wall types, Aussie dimension styles, true Aussie brick hatching in plan and more……. Click to download now. then save the file to your Home Designer Pro ‘Templates’ folder and overwrite the existing file.

Out of the Stone Age

…Today the updated product manuals were released for two of the most popular design programs from CAD International. LANDWorksCAD users especially will be pleased to find that the LANDWorksCAD supplement to the regular RealCAD manual is finally complete and is NOW available for download Click Here
Software is now updated and created so rapidly that manuals can take even longer to produce than the software code itself. Most software available today does not come with printed manuals for this reason….”Sometimes we have to drag people out of the stone age and into the light age”, one of the programmers commented…”but I have to admit it is still easier to read a book in bed or around the pool!”.

Now That’s Software Support!

The picture shown here is a light hearted way to illustrate how important good support for your software can be.  CAD International have just released a new annual software support plan for its clients at about US .97c per day, providing users with a range of great time and money saving support options. If you have ever been caught without support cover, you’ll know just how handy and valuable it can be!

You can find out more by clicking here.

Getting Started Couldn’t be Funner

A new set of tutorials to assist the beginner and evaluator of RealCAD and LANDWorksCAD software has just been completed to coincide with the new download files for these programs on the CAD web site. Unlike the old Getting Started tutorials that slowly went through a single project from start to finish, the new ones are a series of progressive and discrete tutorials that explore the way the software works in a really fun way. The first tutorial takes the client on a zooming trip to Zoom Town. The student is asked to zoom-in from a large area of land to a small town and then an allotment, then a house, then a room, then a desk, then a letter, then even a stamp on the letter. By moving around the drawing the student is encouraged to search for different hidden items and use different commands to do so. There is even a plate of left over food in the kitchen! And that’s just the beginning.

The tutorials can be used as a self-paced evaluation and learning tool or in a classroom environment. They are supplied with the downloadable evaluation and full CD versions of the software.

Existing users of RealCAD or LANDWorksCADshould create a folder called ‘Training’ in their RealCAD or LandworksCAD folder then download and extract the tutorials and supporting *.CAD files into the ‘Training’ folder. Open and print the tutorial as it will be easier to follow when printed.