Users Get a BIG Reward

In an unprecedented leading edge marketing plan, CAD International have announced that users of three of its product lines will be rewarded substantially for their loyalty.

The nature of the scheme allows an almost unlimited income stream and is really easy to take part in. Using a “win-win-win” principle, existing clients benefit from the satisfaction of helping others and from being rewarded financially; New buyers get to use leading edge software that is better value, unique or superior to every other product on the market; and everyone including CAD International benefit from an expanded users base.

In the announcement Mr Varley, CEO of CAD International revealed that, “Following big successes recently we’ve decided to give back to our customers. Most of our sales,” he said, “come from referrals. We spend comparatively little on print advertising or big promotional events–when users are happy with a product they naturally recommend it to their colleagues and often do this more than once. I believe it is appropriate to offer loyal users a reward for new referrals and there is now an added incentive to spread the word even wider. In fact with this new reward structure users can supplement their current income or even create a profitable business.”

The product range involved in the reward program include CAD Internationals most popular lines and are products that typically give users major increases in productivity and professionalism.

Details of the scheme can be found here…

New Rhinoceros 4 Released

Rhino 4.0 is the most significant upgrade in the history of Rhino, with hundreds of new features and enhancements.

Modeling enhancements include robust variable blend tools, improved Boolean, and G-infinity™ blending.

Editing new features include UDT for free-form deformation of all geometry types, feature recognition for solids editing and history for editing surfaces by changing their input curves.

Interface enhancements including SmartTrack™ technology, heads up prompts, advanced tooltips, and live help with video clips.

Display enhancements take advantage of the latest graphic card technology to provide a major speed improvement, custom advanced display modes, new analysis tools, dual-screen support, and stereo.
Rendering and animation enhancements including faster basic rendering, advanced texture mapping tools, updated Flamingo and Penguin, Brazil r/s, and new third-party renderers.
2-D drawing/drafting tools including line styles, line weights, hidden lines, dimensions, hatching, page layout and printing/plotting.

Mesh modeling, editing, analysis, repair, and rapid prototyping. Major enhancements in mesh creation and editing. Also many new tools for STL repair and 3-D printing.

Analysis with new tools for both measurement and display. Also enhanced tools detecting problems and evaluating model quality so the problems downstream can be avoided.

Large projects support with hierarchical layer management, file locking, and enhanced support for worksessions, blocks, and reference files.

DOSLib™ for AutoCAD 2008

SEATTLE — March 30, 2007 — McNeel today announced the release of DOSLib, a library of LISP-callable functions that provide Windows operating system and operating system command-line functionality in AutoCAD 2008 (32- and 64-bit). DOSLib is free.

DOSLib extends AutoLISP to provide the following functions:
Drives: Check for drives, change between drives, and check available disk space.
Paths: Manipulate path specifications.
Folders: Create, rename, remove, select, and change folders. Return special operating system folders.
Files: Copy, delete, move, rename, and select files; get directory listings, search and find multiple instances of files, and change file attributes.
Print: Get and set default printers, and spool print files.
Configuration: Manipulate Windows-style initialization (INI) files, and access the Windows Registry.
Processes: Run internal OS commands or other programs.
Interface: Get strings, integers, reals, and lists from the user. Display Windows message boxes, progress meters, and splash screens.
Strings: Tokenize strings, extract characters, find characters, insert, remove, and replace characters, and trim characters.
AutoCAD: Save all and close all open files. Preview drawings and list xrefs.
System: Get system information, sort lists, change the system date and time, manipulate the keyboard, and play sounds.
Detailed function list…

DOSLib is a free download

Disruptive Breakthrough Printing

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any did! A new method of printing using a wide format continuous inkjet head technology is about to begin production. Memjet technology has been in development for over ten years and is now ready for action.

Imagine wide format full color printing at these speeds. Can’t wait!

New Look, New Release, New Functions, New Speed…

A new interim release of RealCAD will be available next month. RealCADV5.5 sports a new look in its packaging but more importantly adds powerful new functionality to its snap controls and refresh speeds. No longer do you need to use the secondary Location Command menu to find the centers or intersections, RealCAD’s cursor now shows you when it has found these important snap points…just click when you see the desired indicator and the snap is complete.

Layers can now be grouped and these layer groups can be named, so if you need to isolate or switch a bunch of layers on or off regularly this is a great tool.

Repaint speed on large files has also been dramatically improved…and better still, when selecting large numbers of entities the selection speed is lightning fast.. YES!
This interim release is available to all v5.0 users for only AU$77.
Call or email now to get on the update list.

LANDWorksCAD Users too

Because LANDWorksCAD has RealCAD at its core, it too benefits from the new features and speed enhancements of RealCADV5.5
This interim release is available to all v5.0 users for only AU$77.
Call or email now to get on the update list.

StrucPLUS to the US and UK

CAD International are actively seeking US and UK distributors of its most popular structural detailing/drafting software StrucPLUS.

This is a great oportunity for any existing CAD software reseller or structural drafting individual to get in on the ground floor of this proven product. StrucPLUS has been the greatest productivity tool in thousands of structural design offices around the globe for over 10 years. An almost self explanatory add-on application for either AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT or IntelliCAD, users can be up and running with these productivity tools instantly. Companies that have already adopted StrucPLUS all agree that it has become an integral part of their competative advantage and pays for itself over and over and over.

Interested parties in the USA should contact the US office on 1-800 699 0942. UK enquiries should contact head office on +612 9973 4499. Both regions may contact head office by email

Autodesk retire AutoCAD LT 2004

As at 15th March this year, Autodesk will no longer supply or support AutoCAD LT 2004.

Upgrades from this version to any later version are no longer available. Users have to decide to either purchase an entirely new license (at full price), stay with the software they have or migrate to alternative software such as RealCAD or IntelliCAD.
Migrating is now much easier than before as the ability to open and work with DWG files is almost transparent and the alternative programs offer more functionality or ease of use and even 3D ability (in the case of RealCAD Pro)
Current 50% OFF specials for migration from AutoCAD to RealCAD or IntelliCAD make the excercise even less expensive than the upgrade price was too. (Crossgrade from as little as $495)
Contact: USA on 1-800 699 0942. International +612 9973 4499. or email