v5.50 Released

Whilst not the biggest update in the history of RealCAD the new release of v5.50 is significant none the less. If you are already a v5.0 user then this release is well worth downloading.

…but more importantly it adds powerful new functionality to its snap controls, refresh and selection speeds and layer control.

No longer do you need to use the secondary Location Command menu to find the centres or intersections, RealCAD’s dynamic cursor now shows you when it has found these important snap points…just click when you see the desired indicator and the snap is complete.

Layers can now be grouped and these layer groups can be named, so if you need to isolate or switch a bunch of layers on or off regularly this is a great tool.

Repaint speed on large files has also been dramatically improved…and better still, when selecting large numbers of entities the selection speed is lightning fast.. YES! Added to this you can now switch the windscreen wiper function on permanently so that as you zoom in or out the image is constantly recalculated to give you smooth curves and circles.

As an added bonus v5.5 resolves some annoying issues with bitmaps and DWG files.

This interim release is available to all v5.0 users and can be downloaded FREE from the here.

You can check to see what version you are currently running by selecting ‘Help- About’ from the pull-down menu.

Caution: if you are a v2, v3 or v4 user do not install this update file!

LANDWorks Users too

Because LANDWorks has RealCAD at its core, LANDWorks also benefits from the new features and speed enhancements of V5.50

This interim release is available to all v5.0 users and can be downloaded FREE from here.

You can check to see what version you are currently running by selecting ‘Help- About’ from the pull-down menu.

Caution: if you are a v1, v2, v3 or v4 user do not install this update file!

New Look and Feel

With the release of V5.5 a new logo and packaging has been created to help differentiate the new software from it predecessors. The rapid motion pen logo is synonymous with the new software’s improved work flow and display features.

Edison wasn’t the only one with Bright Ideas…

Many CAD International clients know us as the supplier of CAD software but are not aware that we actually develop most of the software we sell. In recent years CAD International has helped clients as small as one man operators to huge multinational corporations. Each clients needs are unique and every project ends up with the client having huge productivity gains. So if you have a project in mind then contact us and let us know. We can discuss the possibilities and the costs involved.

Flat Out with RealCAD

Users of V5.5 can also request a new application designed to flatten out (flat pattern) a Ruled Surface. With a single command a full 3D Ruled Surface can be Developed as a Flattened shape. This shape can be rearranged, dimensioned and edited as required

Great Examples

Whether you think your work is of value or not, we are calling for our clients to provide examples of their drawings and models. We are especially keen to get examples using RealCAD, Landworks or Home Designer. We need only a PDF file or fairly High Resolution image file of some description for each of your submissions and your permission to publish them on our web site. We are more than happy to provide a link to your web address or contact details if you prefer.

Send your examples to info@cad.com.au

Over EXPO’sed

CAD International will be exhibiting the latest in LANDWorksCAD at several up coming landscape oriented events in New Zealand and Australia. These are prime events for the landscape design and management industries.

First up in Sydney is the “Landscape EXPO” at Homebush, Olympic Park 25th, 26th, and 27th July.
Next is Melbourne for the “Landscape EXPO” at Ascot Vale on 29th, 30th, 31st August.

Then over to New Zealand the next day for the “NZ Landscape and Garden Design Conference” on the 1st and 2nd of September.
Finally back to Melbourne for the “Australian Landscape and Garden Design Conference” held on the 8th and 9th of September.

IntelliCAD v6.3 out now.

Although the focus of v6.3 development has centered on the new DWG compatibility, other enhancements can be found in this release and the major ones are:

  • A new colour book editor provides the ability to effectively organise, create, and edit colour books.
  • Improved user interface for PDF export provides more flexible output options.
  • Dozens of new events and a new ApplicationPreferences object were added to the COM API.
  • A new Code Page Manager command allows you to convert drawings or set your code page language preferences when opening drawings.
  • Multiple enhancements for raster image handling include:
  • Improved user interface
  • 4x increase in display performance for large images
  • Lower memory footprint for large images
  • Improved performance for drawings with a large number of images
  • Better support for monochrome images
  • New COM API for creating and manipulating image entities

In addition to the new features and DWG 2007 support, hundreds of repairs and minor improvements were added as well, including:

  • Setup now supports Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Draworder enhancements for blocks and external references
  • Viewport enhancements, including locking viewports and assigning a UCS for viewports
  • Snapping to model space entities from paper space; picking model space entities from paper space for creating dimensions and other dimensioning improvements
  • The Paste command allows you to specify an insertion point
  • Performance improvements with drawings containing large meshes
  • Improved performance and reduced screen flicker when using dynamic zoom and pan
  • The Tangent-Tangent-Tangent option is now available for circle creationUpdate Pricing is just $295+GST and delivery.

StrucPLUS Resellers Sought

CAD International are actively seeking US and UK distributors of its most popular structural detailing/drafting software StrucPLUS. This is a great opportunity for any existing CAD software reseller or structural drafting individual to get in on the ground floor of this proven product. StrucPLUS has been the greatest productivity tool in thousands of structural design offices around the globe for over 10 years. An almost self explanatory add-on application for either AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT or IntelliCAD, users can be up and running with these productivity tools instantly. Companies that have already adopted StrucPLUS all agree that it has become an integral part of their competitive advantage and pays for itself over and over and over. 

Interested parties in the USA should contact the US office on 1-800 699 0942. UK enquiries should contact head office on +612 9973 4499. Both regions may contact head office by email

Reward Scheme a Winner

There are early signs that last months launch of CAD International “Cash Back” Referral plan in which clients can receive a financial reward for being loyal users and referrers of various CAD software is a success. The program has been successful in its initial phase with nearly 6% of users being rewarded for helping others with their software selection.  

Details of the scheme can be found here…

Up Close and Personal…

From the comfort of your office desk in New York, London, Sydney, Smallville or anywhere get a live demo. Ask questions and see how the software works just as if our presenter was sitting right next to you.

All you need is a broadband internet connection and phone line or Skype.

So when you’re serious, ask us for an online presentation …it’s Free!
Let us demonstrate to you just how RealCAD can change the way you think about CAD…