LANDWorks Stars in New Movie

Whilst not used to the limelight, LANDWorksCAD is now appearing in its very own movie. CAD International’s marketing team have today released an ‘animated tour’ of the LANDWorksCAD software for potential users to get a better feel for what makes this product so popular. Visitors to the web site can get an audio/video presentation that lets them see why it has become the fastest growing landscape design software in the world today.

The video presentation it is not a training video but a brief overview of some of the main features. People don’t always want to know every detail, but they do want to know if the software is capable of certain functions or suitable for there needs and style.

You can check out the new video

When Less is More…

You asked for it. You got it…

…Something that will affect everyone who has ever bought software from CAD International. Rather than paying $400-$600 per year for technical support, or a per-call fee or a pay quarterly regime, CAD International have decided to reduce the cost of annual support for its mainstream products to just $195 and include half-price upgrades! This means that because the normal price for upgrades can be up to $700, the saving on upgrades alone can amount to the support effectively being better than FREE!

The new support plan is simply known as ‘subscription‘, and an invitation to enrol in the subscription program (along with an invoice) will be provided to all eligible CAD International clients in the next month or two.

To receive support, clients will need to have fully paid subscription. Existing regular support clients will automatically be placed on the new support plan.

StrucPLUS clients will already be familiar with the concept of subscription with users having had this option for many years. AutoCAD users will be able to additionally subscribe to the new subscription plan to get the benefits of support directly from us.

So keep a look out for this great offer…arriving at your place soon!

Specialist applications and third party products may not be part of the new subscription program.

Showing Success

CAD Internationals’s recent appearance at the Landscape Expo in Sydney Australia saw the largest roll up of clients to its stand ever. Clients visited the stand to get a glimpse of LANDWorksCAD v5.5. and to enrol in the special training being offered at the show.

The success of the event has spurred a repeat performance to be exhibited in Melbourne next month followed by a show in New Zealand and then in the USA and UK.

Dubai in the UAE, and Egypt will also be graced in late September by a visit from CAD Internationals CEO who will be meeting with delegates interested in promoting the software in this rapidly developing region.

New Project Revolutionizes the Building Industry

Imagine a building process that could dramatically cut construction time, that could double your productivity, halve your work force costs and deliver dramatically better insulation, fire ratings and energy efficiencies. Then imagine the benefits to your bottom line from working with the most innovative idea to grace the building industry for perhaps a thousand years….

CAD International are proud to be a major part of this new technology set to change the way we construct buildings. More…

Thank You….

In last months newsletter we asked clients if they would send us examples of the work they had been doing using our software products.

We received some great examples from clients especially in the landscape design business.. so thank you for your contribution.

We still need more examples from other industry groups however, so if you feel you have drawings or models that others might be interested to see then send them on to us.

We wish to use them at shows and on our web site. You will be credited for your contribution too.

Email them to

Train On Line…

If you thought this article was about trains you’d be wrong!…

It’s all about on-line web based CAD training.

Set for release on the 17th September is the first in a complete series of inexpensive online training modules for CAD.

Mr Varley, CEO of CAD International spoke to users at a recent forum and announced the new training series. “We have found that we can’t get to everyone all over the country and around the world effectively”, he said.
“This new method will teach the same material that we have been teaching successfully in classrooms, but will allow anyone from anywhere to attend at any time.”

The training can be completed in the comfort of your own office or at home with plenty of time between each session to finish the tasks.

Students are issued with a certificate when they successfully complete the course and have direct access to the trainer during the course’ duration.

“There is very little difference between the on-line courses and the face to face ones,” Mr Varley said, “and these are far more accessible and affordable.”

“We are very fortunate”, he said, “to have the services of one of the World’s leading CAD trainers Mr Bill Murch. Bill has been working with CAD for what seems like centuries. (although his looks would never give that away)!” “Bill was voted ‘best trainer’ in a recent survey of users and has been travelling the globe in recent years training students from different cultures and backgrounds.”

Click here to find out more about the courses being offered.

IntelliCAD added to the Cash Back Program

CAD International have added IntelliCAD to the list of products that users can gain Referral Reward Cash from. The Referral Program provides a 25% Cash Back Reward when additional licenses are purchased or when a new client you recommend purchases one of the qualified CAD programs.




Details of the scheme can be found here…

Structurally Speaking…

CAD International are actively seeking NZ, USA, UK and South African distributors of its most popular structural detailing/drafting software StrucPLUS.

This is a great opportunity for any existing CAD software reseller or structural drafting individual to get in on the ground floor of this proven product. StrucPLUS has been a great productivity tool in thousands of structural drafting and design offices around the globe for over 10 years. It is a self explanatory add-on application for either AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT or IntelliCAD in which users are up and running with these productivity tools instantly. Companies that have already adopted StrucPLUS agree that it has become an integral part of their competitive advantage and pays for itself over and over and over on every job.


Interested parties in the USA should contact the US office on 1-800 699 0942. Elsewhere enquiries should contact head office on +612 9973 4499. All regions may contact head office by email

Did You Know….?

CAD International have been developing CAD related software for corporations almost ever since CAD was invented. Clients include individuals and small companies with simple needs to large multinational corporations you would all know well.
Recent projects have seen huge gains in productivity and cost savings for these companies, sometimes taking them by surprise. Typically the initial cost of software development is quickly paid for by the improvements in production time, so if you have an idea for some software development that you feel will improve your bottom line, let us know.

Back to the Future

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