SketchUp and CAD

19-June-08. CAD International are now supplying and supporting the world’s most popular 3D concept design tool, Google SketchUp… and rather than just supply the software alone, CAD is bundling the software with enhanced tools for photo realistic rendering, 2D CAD drawings and human technical support.


“We find that whilst SketchUp is easy to learn, new users want the security of dealing with a local supportive supplier,” Nigel Varley, CEO of CAD International, said today, “People just don’t always have time to wait for a reply from the other side of the world. They also want to be able to produce meaningful presentations and working documents, our bundled solutions provide all these functions of the entire design process”.

SketchUp is an intuitive rapid 3D concept modelling tool for exploring and presenting ideas in 3D form. The professional version allows views and slices of the 3D model to be exported to CAD so that accurate working drawings can be produced.

For more information about CAD’s SketchUp Plus Bundles refer to the web site.


TAX Time Down Under

For those clients and potential clients in Australia, June is a great time to invest in CAD software. It’s tax time and your software investment is 100% deductible. (You should seek your accountants advice for clarification over what period you can claim). In Australia, June is one of CAD’s busiest months and there are only a few days to go. You must have paid for your software or training BEFORE 30th June this year to claim.

FLAT OUT like a CAD Program

For a short time a utility application that flattens ruled surfaces in RealCAD into a plottable, cuttable, flat pattern is available free.

Just click this link to download the application and save the to your RealCAD folder. Then simply select ‘TOOLS>LOAD-APPLICATION’ from the pulldown menu to load the application and enable the floating toolbar menu.

RealCAD Updates

Updated files for your RealCAD v5.0 or v5.5 program are now available. Follow the instruction below to update.

Warning: Only download these updates if your current software is version 5.0 or later, You can obtain this information from the Help>Aboutmenu.

1. Close your CAD software.
2. Click each link in turn to get the updates.
3. Select Save (not ‘Run’) and then choose your ‘RealCAD-v5’ folder
4. Select ‘Yes‘ to overwrite your existing files:

Main CAD Program File
DWG File converter update
OpenGL Renderer Update

The More I Know, The More I Know I Don’t Know!

StrucPLUS for LT 2009 Delayed..

17-June-08. It has been confirmed today that due to some significant changes to the command syntax in AutoCAD LT 2009 over its predecessors, StrucPLUS for AutoCAD LT 2009 will be delayed by approximately 6 weeks from its expected release date.
Peter Coburn, author of the software made the discovery today whilst routinely attempting to work around what appeared to be some minor issues in the AutoCAD LT LiSP enabler software. The discovery has come just as Mr Coburn leaves for a well earned break overseas and so we will have to wait for the illustrious man to return to duty next month. It should be noted that these changes do not affect StrucPLUS for full AutoCAD 2009.


Next Landscape EXPO….

As usual, CAD International will be exhibiting at the next Landscape Expo in Sydney next month on 23rd – 25th July 2008. If you are a user of LANDWorksCAD, or are thinking of becoming one, pay us a visit at the stand.

Pre-AutoCAD 2009 wiped….

Please be advised, effective immediately, AutoDesk are no longer supplying the previous versions (ie 2007 and 2008) of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

These products were actually discontinued on 25th March 2008 and while we have been able to supply them over the past few months from stock, we are no longer able to do so.
Any orders for the following will no longer apply…

AutoCAD LT 2008 – Upgrade from LT 2007/2006
AutoCAD LT 2007 – New Seat
AutoCAD LT 2007 – Upgrade from LT 2006
AutoCAD 2008 – New Stand Alone Seat
AutoCAD 2008 – New Network Seat
AutoCAD 2007 – New Stand Alone Seat
AutoCAD 2007 – New Network Seat

If you require a previous version, you must purchase the current (2009) version and place it under ‘Subscription’ at extra cost, then use the ‘Previous Version’ benefit option available with subscription.

IntelliCAD Sale – 50% OFF !

CAD International are clearing stock of the latest version of IntelliCAD (an alternative to AutoCAD with a very similar look and feel, and 100% OpenDWG file support) in line with targets for this financial year… You can now buy IntelliCAD licenses at 50% off (until stocks last). This means a license of IntelliCAD is now available for only $495+tax ! It has NEVER been this cheap. Stocks are limited.



…that when you start most software programs there is a ‘Did You Know?’ section designed to give you Tips and Tricks about your software. And Did You Know that most people skip this section and never look at the gems that can be stored there!

So with this in mind we are going to present some of these little gems each month in this news letter…

And if you are using IntelliCAD this next one will interest you…

Take the time to check out these tips in your software.