Special ‘Credit Crisis’ Message

9-December-08. What an amazing year we’ve had. 2008 has been our most expansive year ever and at a time when everything around us has been collapsing inward. The so called “Credit Crisis” has certainly meant some of our clients have been doing it tough this year and some have even closed their doors completely. At the same time however, we have more new clients than we have ever had so we figure we must be doing something right and intend making sure that we keep on doing it! Part of doing it right is helping you in your business to find better ways of saving money and improving productivity

“We figure we’re doing something right
and intend to keep on doing it!”
This newsletter brings more opportunities for you and your business to save money than ever before. You’ll notice new and cheaper products that can replace your existing costly programs or processes, new and cheaper training to get you more productive faster and for less, and a whole new look web site that we hope you will find more useful and even more friendly to use.

“…expand your horizons and succeed
beyond your accountants dreams!”
The staff and team at CAD International wish you the very best and safest Christmas ever. We trust you’ll find peace and joy in every moment, and in the lead up to Christmas and in the New Year we hope you will take advantage of every opportunity to expand your horizons and succeed beyond your accountants dreams!

Out With the Old….

9-December-08. Looks like the time is right to make some changes. When times are tough every dollar counts and if you own a business that’s been loyal to a particular USA brand of CAD you already know the investment you’ve made with them and may be feeling a little less than excited with the value you’ve received in recent times. Something is about to change…

…For the first time ever CAD International is able to offer a real alternative to AutoCAD that is 100% DWG file compatible and will solidly run your LiSP or ARX applications unlike any other AutoCAD clone software that has ever been on the market. We have tested this software with our very own StrucPLUS application and have given it the big thumbs-up.

“…we have given it the big thumbs-up”
Bricscad may be a strange name to choose for this alternative to the worlds most popular CAD software, but is derived from the European company that develop the software, Bricsys. The founders of Bricsys are passionate about changing the face of the CAD market, and from the speed at which companies in Europe and the USA are adopting this software they may realise their goals sooner than anticipated.

Bricscad differs significantly from all other DWG natives such as IntelliCAD, ProgeCAD or ZWCAD in that a staggering amount of behind the scenes work has taken place to allow existing LiSP and ARX applications to run seamlessly, just as if they were running on AutoCAD with little or no change to the code. The interface has also been recoded to make the transition from AutoCAD to Bricscad virtually seamless.

“…make the transition from AutoCAD to Bricscad virtually seamless”
Additionally this software comes with real human support and assistance locally as well as globally. Priced at about 10% of the cost of AutoCAD we think you’re going to love this software. If you’re already an AutoCAD user you will find Bricscad totally natural to use as it looks and feels extremely like AutoCAD. Free Bricscad Trial Download

Get Legal

17-December-08. It is amazing how few people know the consequences of running illegal software. If caught the fines can often cripple a company and bring it to its knees. Autodesk have been very successful at bringing hefty prosecution to corporates large and small who have either wittingly or unwittingly installed ‘copies’ of their software throughout their organisation.

“…the message is, get legal”
With the consequences and the pressures this brings to one’s mind, the message for business owners is to ‘get legal’. If you are running an illegal copy of CAD software, whether it be AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT or any other, now might be the right time to avoid getting caught and it may not be as expensive as you thought. In fact we can get you legal licenses of CAD from as little as $795 per ‘seat’. Check it out now.

RealCAD v6 coming… Next Steps

10-December-08. RealCAD is our most popular CAD software due to its ease of use, ease of learning and powerful tool sets and early next year we look forward to seeing some amazing new tools that will have you drooling! We can’t say too much just yet but imagine combining the rapid 3D sketching ability of programs like Sketchup with the powerful drafting, modelling and rendering abilities of a professional CAD software all in the one product.

Express your interest in this new release by email to us now and we will put you on the advanced knowledge list. You will even be able to enrol as a beta tester of the new product.

Hidden Benefits in v6

10-December-08. The new developments in the next version of RealCAD will unleash a massive improvement in the ease of 3D modelling and presentation for RealCAD based software such as LANDWorksCAD, RealCAD Insider, Complete Architect and more. RealCAD is already one of the top modellers in 3D when it comes to ease of use, this will probably make it the best in its class and it will certainly be unique.

If you are an annual Support Subscriber you will be able to take advantage of the benefits of the new upgrade when released at 50% off the regular upgrade price.


Moving Your License

12-December-08. All RealCAD based software licenses may now be moved from one machine to another without the need for complicated procedures or emabarassing phone calls to explain why or the writing of statutory declarations etc.


We have introduced an ‘unlicence’ tool that removes the CAD license information from an existing machine and generates a confirmation file that you send to CAD International. In turn CAD International issue an new authorisation allowing you to reinstall the license with a new Key onto another machine or a rebuild of the same machine.

You must download and run the latest cad.exefile first then select the Help> About button and then select the Unlicense button, then email the newly created licenseinfo file to support@cad.com.au

CAD International require that you use the unlicense process before issuing any additional keys.

What do You Think?

9-December-08. CAD’s new look web pages went live this week. We know there are still a few holes in the material and we are working tirelessly to add content and update outdated information. We want to know what YOU think…. Good or bad, we can take it, we just want to know what you think? If you have any improvements and suggestions we are eager to hear from you.
“Good or bad we can take it.”
After you have looked at it, forward the site link to any of your colleagues, especially if you think they will have something to say about it! And ask them to let us know too. mailto:info@cad.com.au

Don’t Be Shy – Expose Yourself !

11-December-08. Every year we ask you, our family of users, to submit your work to us so we can promote you and us on the web more effectively. We know there are some amazing models and drawings out there, we see them when you send us a file to fix! So don’t be shy, expose yourself and your art. Even the plainest of drawings has appeal if it illustrates what you do. Send your examples as PDF files or in the format of the CAD software you are using. If you don’t have much time just send us one example….please ?

If you are using one of our software products then we want to see what you’re using it for!

Attach your files to an email to mailto:info@cad.com.au


Get more business with web links

16-December-08. As you are probably aware, one way to get more business in the door is by having better search ratings in search engines like Google. One way to improve your ratings considerably is to provide links to other web sites, especially ones related to you in some way and and in return have those sites point back to you.

CAD International’s web site rates very highly form most design related search terms and so we are offering our clients and visitors the opportunity to leverage from our success by providing links to your web site from ours. All you have to do is provide a link to our web site from yours! Its that easy.

We personally check out the web links to make sure they relate to us. It is all done manually to be sure we are not just getting ‘bad’ links in the system.

Just email us with the address of your page
where you have placed a link to http://www.cad.com.au/index.htm
on and we will place a link back to
your page on our links page.
It is a good idea to also give us a description of what you do so we can add that description to our page.

StrucPLUS Hand Over

4-December-08. For those of you who have been using StrucPLUS for the last many years you will probably know Peter Coburn the author of the software very well. Almost every client we speak with has either worked with or knows Peter in some way! Well last month Peter officially handed over “his baby” to CAD Australia to now nurture and develop as he takes a much lesser role in its support and marketing. Like a true father to his child though, he says he will be there when you need him. So whilst we look forward to maturing the software into adult hood we are also very aware that Peter will be keeping a close eye on its progress and handing out some good advice from time to time.

Annotative Scaling in StrucPLUS

12-December-08.If you are running StrucPLUS with AutoCAD you may be keen to know about the use of Annotative Text? Well here’s the news….Because, Annotative Scaling is part of AutoCAD, much like text styles and dimstyles, whatever is setup in the DWT template or the users drawing, then Struc Plus will adopt. Click here to get the details…

StrucPLUS for AutoCAD LT

9-December-08.Many new and existing users of StrucPLUS chose AutoCAD LT as their platform of choice to avoid the high cost of purchasing and maintaining full AutoCAD, but the introduction of Bricscad with StrucPLUS may be much more attractive than even upgrading and maintaining an existing AutoCAD LT with StrucPLUS license. Bricscad is only $795 compared with AutoCAD at $7000 and AutoCAD LT at $2000 plus the LiSP enabler. If you are looking for the the alternative. Here it is.. Free Bricscad Trial Download

Training Now On

12-December-08. Congratulations to all those graduates of CAD-Level-1 training for 2008. Our first online training series has been a resounding success and we have had some terrific feedback about the course.. all of it very positive!

We now have CAD-Level-2 certificate training fully up and running and ready for you to enrol. This second course addresses a stack of tools and needs users require every day in their use of RealCAD or RealCAD derived applications.

Annual Subscription Explained

12-December-08. If you are a customer of CAD International and you are using a professional CAD product supplied directly by us, at the end of each calendar year you will receive an optional order/invoice for CAD International’s highly effective Support Subscription for your chosen CAD software.

Subscription is not compulsory for all products and in most cases you may choose not to take it, however we have gone out of our way to make it really desirable and very attractive for you to purchase. Be sure to look at the back of the order/invoice to see the benefits that are included in yoursubscription.

It is important to distinguish between CAD International’s Subscription and that of other major software developers such as Autodesk’s annual AutoCAD subscription which may be taken in addition to or instead of CAD International’s product.

For ease of accounting and clarity for all users, CAD International’s Subscription anniversaries all fall on the 1st January each year and are payable prior to that date. Other developers subscription are typically renewed on or about the date you purchased your software license/s.

The price of the subscription is dependent on the software product you own. Some products require higher levels of support or incur costs and fees to CAD International that are passed on as part of the licensing fee for that product. Fees currently vary between $3000 per license per year down to as little as $195 per license per year.

Clients using products (typically custom designed software) that attract a compulsory Subscription fee must pay this fee to be legal in the use the software.

If you feel you may need assistance with your software during the year then you should definitely purchase Subscription to get the greatest benefits. Clients that choose not to subscribe will not receive the same benefits, upgrades, updates, support services, licensing services etc as those that do.