Making Workplace Automation Systems with IronCAD

“Now at Schnaithmann we can create custom designs for our customers faster and with much higher quality within our flexible profile system, in the area of plant engineering the creation time for layout planning has been significantly reduced by IronCAD.”

Andreas Schnitzer

Senior Designer


Schnaithmann GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of advanced automation technology. With a broad service spectrum, Schnaithmann provides high–quality solutions for assembly, material flow, and handling. From planning expertise and high–quality components to well-harmonized complete systems, Schnaithmann customers receive comprehensive services from a single, competent supplier. Schnaithmann, a leader in their industry and many successful enterprises around the world place their trust in their services.

As an industry leader, Schnaithmann is always looking for ways to improve services to its customers. One way they were able to improve customer service was with IronCAD, using it to create a modular design system that allows their sales team to deliver 3D design concepts to customers quickly and efficiently in order to secure orders.