Visuals in an instant

Still images
Your visuals are ready the moment you find the view you need. There is no rendering time, so send your images to your clients immediately.

Create high quality, high resolution animated clips, and merge them into a single walkthrough without having to use 3rd party video editing software products.

What’s more, there is no need to wait for hours until your animation is ready, as they are made at an instant, and they are ready to be viewed on your computer, or any smart device.

Panorama 360

Take your client to where the action is, use 360 degree panoramic images when presenting your projects. Send your work to your clients, who can explore on their own devices, what you have created. No additional software needs to be installed for such an experience. 

What is ARCHLine Live?

ARCHLine Live is easy to use, affordable arch-viz animation software to turn your 3D model into an immersive design, creating high quality visualization images, videos and live walk-throughs.

ARCHLine Live enables architecture and interior spaces to be visualized in a real time, simulating materials, sun, lighting, vegetation, water and other environmental features such as people and vehicles etc.

Model your design in your favorite modeller and make it come alive in ARCHLine Live.

There is no rendering time so that you can react to your clients’ requests immediately, on the fly and reflect modifications in minutes, regardless of the size and complexity of your project. Less time spent on rendering means more time left for design.

ARCHLine Live is now available directly for use with SketchUp or ARCHLine.XP BIM/CAD software. 

Your design speaks for itself

Lifelike materials
Thanks to genuinely realistic and detailed materials, even the tiniest of details of your surfaces can be emphasized. Test countless variations and ideas, and find the one that really fits your style.

Fantastic lights
Whether it’s about the warm caress of the rising Sun, or the moody lights of an interior, there is no limit on your imagination. Set up intensity, color, temperature, and show your design in the best possible light. 

Water surfaces
Use dynamically moving water surfaces on pools, bathtubs, which ripple in the wind, to give an even more natural effect.

Explore it

The mood of your design touches your clients if they can freely walk around, feel and experience their future property, long before it becomes a reality

Movement, wherever you look

ARCHLine.XP LIVE is shipped with ready-to-use high quality motion capture animated human assets to help increasing the realism of your visuals. You can draw animation paths for the human characters and they will start walking or running based on the selected animation or if you prefer, they can also start a conversation.

Moving vehicles and objects
Place a vehicle in the model, draw a path and set up the movement speed. That’s all you need to populate the streets of your visuals in a few steps. Of course, you can bring in 3D models from external sources, to add smart vacuums or other moving objects to your plans.

Animated surfaces
Animating a surface material is just as easy as ABC. Set up the horizontal and/or vertical texture speed and you are done. Use this unique feature to create animated rollup advertisements, LED panels and more.


Foliage painter
Plant detailed foliage around your models, even if you need to cover huge surfaces. Set up your painter to randomly generate a variety of shrubbery, trees and flowers over the area you need.

Ready to use high quality cylindrical backgrounds are available in the LIVE Library to enhance the realism of your model’s surrounding in one click. The backgrounds are in various sizes designed to surround smaller and larger projects in urban or natural scenarios.

Simulate and fine tune clouds, sunlight, fog, rain or snowfall. Just find the weather settings you need, and LIVE will make sure that the result of the chosen style is visible on your visuals in the shape of puddles, or even a sheet of snow cover.

LiveSync and Imports

Working with SketchUp and LIVE is easy with the free ARCHLine.XP LIVE SektchUp plugin available for SketchUp Pro users. Simply model anything in SketchUp and use the Sync button to visualize the model in LIVE. Turn the model into real-time photorealistic visuals in minutes. Whenever the SketchUp model changes, just push the Sync button again to update the LIVE visual with the latest changes. It is that simple really!

Working in ARCHLine.XP? Great news: track changes to architect and interior design plans with the LiveSync feature, which allows the changes made in the ARCHLine.XP design software to be synchronized with ARCHLine.XP LIVE archviz animation software with a single click.

LIVE is able to read SKP, OBJ and FBX models, so you can enrich your visuals and extend your object library with even more content.



Explore it

The mood of your design touches your clients if they can freely walk around, feel and experience their future property, long before it becomes a reality.

Bring designs to life

Still images are the past. Make your designs living, breathing spaces full of movement, vegetation, people, life.

Get moving

Live walkthroughs, high quality videos and more: it’s all about movement.

ARCHLine Live has direct and seamless connection to ARCHLine.XP – transfer your BIM model to a VR environment with just a simple click. No rendering time and no data loss, equals breathtaking visuals in minutes.

Some more unique features we

think you’ll love

Video Materials

Spice up your 3D surfaces with cool video content on a large screen TV or an animated advertisement in your design; that’s all it takes to get stunning visuals.

Animation Elements

Animating a surface material is just as easy as ABC. Set up the horizontal and/or vertical texture speed and you are done. Use this unique feature to create animated rollup advertisements, LED panels and more.

Custom Foliage Brushes

You can not only modify foliage brushes but also create and assemble brand new ones with fully customizable content.

Publish 3D PDF

You can save and share 3D models into PDF files, the most popular file format for documentation. You can adjust the rotation, zoom, render mode, lighting, background color, and visibility of individual parts, using the standard Adobe Reader controls.

Atmospheric Effects

Clouds, fog, rain, snow – you can set up and customize with only one simple settings panel.

Move Objects snapped to surfaces

Moving an object from a higher surface to a lower one or align with a sloped ramp precisely has never been this easy before in LIVE. Grab the white origin of the movement gizmo and you can always move any object perfectly snapped to surfaces of your visual.

Downloadable ARCHLine.XP Live Files

Interior Design


Interior Design


Interior Design



ARCHLine Live Minimum System Requirements

Windows 10, 64bit
Intel i5 or AMD equivalent with 6 cores
8GB RAM or more
Dedicated graphics card with at least 2GB
(Integrated Intel video cards are NOT supported)
10GB Hard Drive Space (SSD preferred)
1920 x 1080 screen resolution (4K screens are supported)
3-button mouse with scroll wheel
Not natively available, Bootcamp possible on Intel Mac computers

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How does ARCHLine Live compare with Lumion?

ARCHLine.XP 'Live' is newer to the market and is targeted to those on a tighter budget. 'Live' works directly with ARCHLine.XP Pro architectural modeller and also SketchUp. ‘Live’ is also suitable for any other modeller such as Revit and ArchiCAD but unlike Lumion there is no linkage between the two programs, so if you make a change in your modeller you need to re-export to ‘Live’. ‘Live’ is available to purchase outright and is also available as an annual rental/subscription license.

Lumion is the world’s premium visualiser with many additional years of development that’s reflected in its price and performance. Lumion has a larger library to work with and is able to generate even higher quality still renderings, apply more atmospheric and surface effects and textures. Lumion is currently only available as a permanent license, no annual subscription version is available. Lumion links directly with models from a variety of CAD software so as you update the model in CAD the model in Lumion updates also.

What is the difference between Subscription and Perpetual license?

Click here to see the difference between a perpetual license and a subscription: Perpetual vs. Subscription Licensing Explained – CAD International


Affordably bringing your designs to Life


Annual Subscription License

$ 595 / year

Per year

Annual License – How It Works

Get a 12 month license that renews each year until you cancel.
Upgrades are included in the subscription.

Own Outright

Perpetual License

$ 1,395

One single payment

Perpetual License – How It Works

Make a single payment and get a permanent license of the current version that is yours to keep forever.

Upgrade to new releases as desired. Upgrades are optional.

Australian buyers add 10% GST


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