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    Made just for you.

    Tailor-made for Landscape Designers and Landscape Architects to create the most professional plans quickly, effortlessly and with your very own unique visual style.

    Art and Technology

    Blur the lines between the technically advanced and artistically creative. With LANDWorksCAD, you create your own look and feel, not the software. 

    Choose from the widest array of stylish symbols or even create and add your own. You’ll be using the most flexible professional design software in the landscape business.

    Learn Fast – Learn Easy

    Learn CAD for landscape design with the optional self-paced, step-by-step, online certificate course that’s proven to result in success. You’ll be fully supported by our team every step of the way. No CAD software of this caliber is as easy to learn and use as LANDWorksCAD.


    Compatibility Assurance

    Work alongside Architects, surveyors, town planners and engineers. Import, edit and share files with your associates using industry standard file formats. 

    Import satellite images such as Google Maps®, Six Maps®, Near Maps® or any aerial photo or scanned image. Even import total station data you’ve gathered on site, or use Moasure to digitize your site directly. You’ll even be able to create contours automatically from spot levels of the site.

    Some unique features we think you’ll love

    Sketch and Stretch

    Rough in then accurately stretch to the desired location. Associated elements update automatically. No need to redraw.

    Magic Eraser

    Experience powerful, intuitive editing with our exclusive Magic Eraser™ function. The software’s simplicity feels completely natural.

    Swap it out

    Automatically find and replace elements – your labels, schedules, legends and symbols update automatically. Never miss a beat.


    Total Tally BOM

    Avoid costly errors – Let LANDWorksCAD count your plants and insert accurate schedules and legends. It knows which plants are proposed and which are existing too! Generate an Excel report for getting competitive quotes from your nursery suppliers.

    Do It All

    Design sketch plans, concept plans, planting plans, presentations, construction documents and more – all without the hassle of redrawing! Automatically label, add schedules, generate contours, add shadows – LANDWorksCAD does it all.

    Region Planting

    Cover large areas of your site with plants in a single click. Arrange them in rows, patterns, randomly distributed or as ground cover. If you don’t like what you see, just select the region and change the entire area in one go. It’s fast and easy.

    Good Measure

    Empower your projects with precision! Rapid measurement tools not only boost confidence but also make costing and calculating job requirements a breeze. Accurate areas, lengths, angles, and quantities, even from the most complex shapes – all at your fingertips.

    Concept to Construction

    Draw once, design freely. Concept plans become planting plans and planting plans become construction documents without the need to redraw – One drawing simply references another. Even variations of the same design can all happen in the same file.


    True Scale

    Design in real-world dimensions and never make a scaling error again. Use aerial maps, drone images or architects plans – set a distance between two points and your work sized correctly allowing you to be precise, at any scale.

    Smart Parts

    From plant symbols to entire garden beds, to construction details and blocks of text – save anything to your library for future use.  Edit library items and they’ll update in every drawing or only the ones you choose.

    File Sharing

    Exchange drawings with your associates in common file formats such as its native .CAD or common .DXF, .DWG, Image and .PDF files. Give them the free viewer to open, mark-up and print your drawings too.


    2D, 3D, and Beyond

    Integrate your designs with other popular 3D tools like SketchUp and render them into compelling life-like presentations with your favorite renderer such as Lumion or even the new AI tools.

    What Others Are Saying

    “After using AutoCAD for years, it’s such a pleasure to be using CAD software designed for what we do rather than for engineering. So many creative and time saving options. I love it.”
    George Green After Bark Design, UK

    “I work directly with a property developer and he was so happy I could use his existing CAD files. Saved a lot of time for both of us.”
    Helen Hillier (L.A.) USA

    “I love that my students drawings are all so individual. Their personalities certainly show up in their LANDWorksCAD drawings.”
    Kath Temple (Tutor) Richmond University

    “The workflow with LANDWorksCAD makes sense to me. I love that I can go straight to Sketchup for my 3D work too. Best of both worlds I guess.”
    Jessica Jobe Designer, Hawaii USA

    “Thanks yet again for your help Dani. Having an easy program for old technophobes like me is great.”
    Jon Muller Wellington Gardens, NZ

    “I just thought I’d let you know I love this software, Good job. It has transformed my business for the better in a very short time.”
    Michael T. The Great Outdoors. SA

    “Not what I was expecting. I haven’t experienced such a helpful personalised service from a software company before. Well done.”
    Harmony Jayne Building Designer, Aust.

    “I was using another CAD software before this one, and it had a couple of minor benefits but Landworkscad gets my vote as it’s much easier and faster. I just get more done in less time, period… and I enjoy it.”
    John L. Livingston Landscapes, Canada

    “I heard about your software from a colleague who discovered it a while back. He seems very happy with the software and you guys. I’m already catching his enthusiasm.”
    Sarah P, On-Trend Outdoors.


    simply design, better, faster, smarter®


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    The course will lead you step-by-step as a complete novice on an easy, self-paced journey from knowing nothing about CAD to effectively creating accurate, professional landscape plans. You’ll be fully supported by our friendly team along the way and you’ll receive CAD International certification on completion.

    The Course Includes

    • 63 comprehensive step by step exercises (43 in Part 1 and 20 in Part 2)
    • Quizzes at the end of each section to lock-in your learning
    • PDF manual detailing every command
    • Direct access to our trainers to answer your questions
    • CAD-Level-1 Certificate issued on completion
    • CAD-Level-2 Certificate issued on completion

    Topics Covered in Level 1

    • Introduction: A short history and background understanding of CAD and how CAD has developed and is used.
    • Overview: An understanding of the course material and of the terminology you will encounter.
    • Installation: How to download, install and set your LANDWorksCAD software for successful operation.
    • User Interface: Clear and concise understanding of the user interface and the logic behind it.
    • Help Systems: How to use the Help database, the online support and the manual to get the most from your software.
    • Zooming and Panning: How best to operate an unlimited size design world on a limited size screen.
    • Entity Selection: The process of picking and choosing entities to draw with and the best methods of making the right selections.
    • Properties: Investigating and changing the properties of items you have selected to make them look the way you want.
    • Style-Sets: How to group properties into named sets so you draw faster with fewer clicks.
    • Cloning: Property duplication by using the clone command to copy and apply properties from existing geometry.
    • Free Drawing: Learning to draw lines without a pencil, but using the intelligence built in to CAD.
    • Constrained Drawing: Making the most of tools that keep your drawing 100% accurate and professional.
    • Coordinates: Different ways of entering data to suit different applications such as landscape, electrical and survey drawings, architectural etc
    • Cursor Snaps: How to make the most of smart on-screen magnetic location features.
    • Position Location Commands: How to draw with precision at any time.
    • Trim, Extend, Divide, Delete: Exploration of all the main editing features used all the time when creating and modifying a drawing.
    • Copying: Exploring the power of duplication, one of the big advantages of any CAD program.
    • Shape Drawing: Step by step exercise to draw a defined 2D shape using the tools you've learned so far.
    • Dimensions: Applying accurate dimensions to your drawings in just a few clicks.

      Topics Covered in Level 2 

      • Planes: comprehensive use of planes from gradient, solid, hatch, bitmap and pattern hatching.
      • Arranging: How to re-order the display of objects on screen to reveal or hide them from view.
      • Measuring: How to accurately obtain area, length and angle measurements from your drawings.
      • Anchoring and Aligning: How to set out and align planes to other geometry in your drawing.
      • Design Advice: How best to use hatching without overpowering your drawing.
      • Layouts: Working with layouts and placing multiple views of your drawing onto pre-configured sheets.
      • Basic Text: Setting and using Text in your drawing sheets.
      • Scaled Text: Understanding the concepts behind scaled and non-scaled text.
      • Design Advice: How best to use Text in your drawing. What to do and what not to do.
      • Basic Printing: Methods of printing. Quick print, preview current Window and Preview Scaled.
      • Print Scaling: Getting accurate scaled drawings on any size paper.
      • Generating PDF: Smartest ways to produce high quality small file size PDF files using PDF software.
      • Components: Comprehensive use and creation of Components.
      • Templates: Maximizing the use of Template files to streamline your drawing process.
      • Shape Exercises: Set of comprehensive exercises to test your knowledge and ability to think laterally when using CAD.
      • Architectural Plan: Set of exercises to draw a simple architectural plan.
      • DWG and DXF: Practical hands on of how import and edit DWG and DXF files.
      • Landscape Specific: How to use almost all the landscape tools.
      • Landscape Exercises: Complete a range of landscape projects using your learned knowledge.

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      LANDWorksCAD System Requirements (Windows and Mac)

      Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7 (64bit)
      CPU Intel i7 or i9 
      32GB RAM or greater
      SSD 1Gb or more
      Mouse with scroll wheel
      GPU NVIDIA with 4GB or more supporting OpenGL
      Mac OSX
      Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra or later
      CPU Intel i7, M1, M2, M3
      32GB RAM or greater
      SSD 1Gb or more
      Mouse with scroll wheel
      (Apple Magic Mouse not supported)



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