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Master artistry – modern methods

Piranesi is a completely unique 3D paint program for you to transform and embellish raw 3D CAD models into digital works of art.

“I love that I can be an artist again. No cookie-cutter rendering in our office!” Cohen & Co.
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Piranesi is a unique tool that cleverly looks at a view of your 3D CAD model and assigns a value to every pixel on the screen with position in the X and Y direction as well as a value for its 3D depth into the distance. Piranesi can distinguish what is far away and what is close, and what lies on the same plane. It can also understand what part of the model is obscuring other parts. The artist need only focus on the painting process and the desired effect. It’s a 3D smart digital paint brush that ‘knows’ where to be applied and at what scale, but also totally under your control.

Artists elevate

Whilst Piranesi® is fast and easy to use, it isn’t about ‘spitting out’ yet another rendered image like your competitors – Its about creating a mood infused artwork that expresses your design intent and sets your business above the average.

“Took me a while to ‘get it’. Now you can’t stop me. I just love it.”
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By watching a series of videos and following the material supplied with the software you’ll be amased at what you can do in a short space of time… but don’t expect to be a Michelangelo overnight. Piranesi is an in depth product with lots of tools to bring out the artist within. By working with each tool you’ll discover styling that suits the way you like to present your work and is unique to you and your business.

Be sure to look at the gallery for inspiration and the videos to see how.

3D presentation like never before

Piranesi isn’t about photo-realism. it’s about considered artistry. With photo-realism your client is stuck with a visual expectation that needs to be delivered on. With artistry you have a wonderful degree of latitude that allows for a degree of flexibility. You final built product need only resemble the presentation

“I use rendering software when I want to produce a photo. I use Piranesi when I want room to breath”, Earl Dool, Designer, Clem Ltd
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Whether you model in SketchUp, Revit, 3ds Max, Rhino, ArchiCAD, ARCHLine.XP or many others, Piranesi instantly breathes life into your designs. Trees, stylish effects, and hundreds of objects and materials from the content library or beyond, let you add elements you didn’t even consider when modeling your design.

Piranesi is not just a painting tool… it is a ‘difference maker’. Anyone who has presented a design concept understands the power of the artist’s impression. At the early stages of a project, where specifications are limited and it’s simply not possible (or even desirable) to present detailed treatments, Piranesi can and does work wonders.

Piranesi’s unique ability to generate stylish and atmospheric illustrations with a truly hand-painted feel, sets it apart from other visualisation tools.

In your hands, Piranesi will produce subtle and emotive impressions which allow the creative idea to shine, drawing the focus to the key elements of the design proposal.

Piranesi doesn’t need a heavily-detailed source model that’s time-consuming to produce – you can rapidly create stunning images even from simple models. At the later stages of your project, after your initial concepts have been approved, Piranesi is used to produce finished visuals for distribution to all parties involved, or for competition submission, and even for artwork to adorn the walls of the project!

Piranesi is unlike any other painting application. Designed to work in conjunction with all popular 3D modellers, it has the ability to ‘remember’ the dimensional information from your model. This enables you to paint freely whilst locking to a single material (removing the need to generate masks), and also paint with textures in perfect perspective. By remembering the depth dimension from the original 3D model, Piranesi allows you to place ‘cutouts’ with automated scaling in relation to both your original model image, and other placed entourage elements. Piranesi even allows you to place objects behind your model (e.g. trees behind a building) and applies automatic masking.

Some unique features we think you’ll love


Content rich

A wonderful library of content exists to embellish your scenes including people, trees, cars, animals, and more. Landscape professionals will love the street furniture and materials content and ability to import from external libraries.


Piranesi not only lets you paint, it paints smart. It paints seemingly behind and in front of objects and even knows how shadows should be cast.

Do it yourself

Piranesi enables anyone with an artistic eye to produce compelling images. It’s a functional tool to make beautiful rendering yourself. No need to outsource visualisations. All you need is a 3D model and Piranesi will let you snap a perspective ready for you to paint.

Play with others

Piranesi supports almost every 3D architectural modeller. Some support export of Piranesi’s EPix files directly whilst with others you simply export a 3D DXF, SKP, 3DS or FBX of your model to ‘Vedute’ (supplied with Piranesi) for you to rotate and capture a desired perspective with EPix pixel data applied.

Big Spaces

Most rendering software struggles with large models or large areas. The unique technology of Piranesi makes it particularly suitable for large models and areas like landscapes and cityscapes. It is no more memory-hungry on a small project than on a large one as it is based only on the number of pixels used in the image, and for some this is a game changer.

Who uses Piranesi?

Architects, designers, artists, illustrators and students of design the world over.


Piranesi System Requirements

Windows 10, 8 or 7, Vista or XP
Intel i5 processor (i7 preferred)
8GB RAM (16GB preferred)
2GB Hard Drive (SSD preferred)
Mouse with scroll wheel
Dedicated graphics card with 2GB+ supporting OpenGL 2.0 or later
Mac OSX Snow Leopard or later
Intel i5 processor (i7 preferred)
8GB RAM (16GB preferred)
2GB Hard Drive (SSD preferred)
Mouse with scroll wheel (not Magic Mouse)
Graphics Card with 2GB+ supporting OpenGL 2.0 or later

What license options are available?

Piranesi is available as a lifetime license that will continue to run for as long as your PC and operating system support it.

What is new in Piranesi 6 Pro?

  • SKP files from Google SketchUp can be read by Piranesi.
  • the texture clone tool is now easier to use because it no longer asks to save the cloned area to a file before you can paint with it.
  • PNG files saved with File/Export can now be used as raster grains.
  • a style library can be hosted on a website if required. Any raster files it needs will also be read from the website if the styles use relative paths.
  • a thumbnail shown in the style manager and style selector can be shown in higher resolution by providing a separate image file. The details pane on the right side of the style manager has a “thumb” option to set the filename.
  • the Help Assistant is now hidden at startup to increase the available drawing area. Use the View/Toolbars menu to show it.
  • FBX files with Japanese characters in their pathname can now be opened.
  • File/Export to PSD has an option to flatten cutouts and shadows into one layer, as in earlier versions of Piranesi. This means that cutouts can be correctly clipped against lower layers.
  • in Style/Properties and Add Style, the blend values can be set for layer blend command.
  • Mac OS X 10.6 is now required on Mac. Older PowerPC computers are no longer supported.
  • material and floating cutout names in all languages are now handled correctly.
  • the drawing is now updated after changing cutout blend
  • keyboard shortcuts can be defined for many operations that use Pick buttons on the Settings palettes – see the Shortcuts/Pick section in Edit/Preferences or Edit/Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Support for DXF™ files is improved.
  • duplicate ozbreed style library after upgrading from 5.1/Lite (Mac OS X only)

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