CAD International have introduced a 90 day ‘try before you buy’ option known as the CAD ‘Starter-Pack’. The ‘Starter-Pack’ offer potential buyers first-hand experience with the software, and company that will support them.
The ‘Starter-Pack’ includes a functionally unrestricted, fully featured, commercial software license that clients can put to us in their business immediately. They get four personalised one-on-one remote access training sessions and unlimited support for the full 90 days. Further to this, if they like the software (and the experience with the company) and they choose to purchase a lifetime license of the software within the 90 day period, they get the entire cost of the Starter-Pack back as a discount off the price of the permanent license.
The Starter-Pack was born out of the need to let clients truly experience the product and support before committing to a full purchase. This option has proven to be extremely popular with the team now having to limit the number of sales so it can adequately keep up with the demand for the one-on-one free training that it provided with the package.