Backup Files in BricsCAD


What are the purpose of BAK and SV$ files and how are they used?


BricsCAD uses 2 file extensions to make backup copies: BAK and SV$
Both files are in essence DWG files, so you can rename them (using the Windows Explorer) if you wish to recover a drawing.

BAK file

When you save a drawing (Ctrl+S or _QSAVE) the previous version of the DWG is saved to a BAK file. This BAK file is created in the folder of the DWG file which is being edited.
The creation of BAK files is controlled by the ISAVEBAK system variable.
If ISAVEBAK = 0 (zero) no BAK files are created.

SV$ file

When autosave is enabled, BricsCAD will (automatically) create a backup copy of your work at preset time intervals. When the autosave function kicks in, BricsCAD saves the currently open drawing(s) as SV$.

The time interval (in minutes) at which autosave kicks in, is saved in the SAVETIME system variable. BricsCAD restarts this interval timer whenever you save the drawing. If SAVETIME = 0 (zero), no automatic saves are executed.

The path to the folder where BricsCAD saves the temporary files is specified by the SAVEFILEPATH system variable. By default this is:

C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Local Settings\Temp when using Windows XP

C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Temp on Windows Vista.