BricsCAD RC_NO_WINDOW Redsdk initialitation error


Every time I try to start a new drawing on BricsCAD using the Start Up Wizard I get the following error:

Redsdk Oda device driver error

RC_NO_WINDOW. Redsdk initialitation error

Screen update was interrupted, because of unknown error

Then the software crashes (ends unexpectedly).

BricsCAD Startup Wizard

BricsCAD 3D Modeling Metric StartUp Wizard

BricsCAD Redsdk Initialitation Error

BricsCAD Screen Update Error


For 3D modelling, BricsCAD uses the Redway 3D display engine which can do fast raytrace rendering with shadows and reflections etc.

These render modes require a supported GPU (graphic processing unit), either on a video card or on the motherboard.

  • On Windows, Redsdk is supported on following video chipsets:

     NVIDIA chipsets

    • GeForce 8 Series
    • GeForce 9 Series
    • GeForce GTX Series

    AMD ATI chipsets

    • R600 family
    • R700 family

    INTEL chipsets

    • GMA 4000 family

Your computer might not have a compatible graphics card.

In that case he should disable the system setting ‘RenderUsingHardware’ = 0

Start BricsCAD as 2D drafting, then type ‘RenderUsingHardware’ and set its value to 0

RenderUsingSoftware BricsCAD Command