BricsCAD Window Display Issues Intel HD Graphics


BricsCAD display issues in computers running Windows 8.1 using an Intel HD Graphics card, (it could also have a NVIDIA GeForce GT or any other secundary graphics card).

The display doesn’t show the ‘snap icons’ and loses items as they are moved (they reappear once placed in their new location), and selection boxes / items appear offset to the mouse location.

This issue also affects when drawing lines, circles, etc… (offset and display issues)

BricsCAD display issues when drawing


Intel HD Graphics cards may be the cause of this issue. It has been reported on several new Windows 8.1 and Windows Surface.

Windows Device Manager Intel HD Graphics Example

To fix it, right click on the BricsCAD shortcut icon on your desktop, click on Properties

  • Click on the Compatibility Tab
  • Choose to Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 7
  • Check Disable display scaling on high DPI settings
  • Click OK

Run BricsCAD on Windows 7 Compatibility Mode

BricsCAD should display correctly when drawing, etc.