CAD File Association


When I try and open from my file I get a message box saying ‘windows can’t open a cad file’ and gives me option to open with another program on my PC, or search the net for a suitable program.


If you want to open a CAD file, the file association can be done manually, even though we recommend to open Landworks first and then open the CAD file through File > Open.

Anyway if you want to set that file association, all you have to do is click on ‘Browse…

And then, select the cad.exe file from:

  • RealCAD users: C:\Program Files\RealCAD-v8
  • LANDWorksCAD users: C:\Program Files\LANDWorksCAD-v8
  • ArborCAD users: C:\Program Files\ArborCAD-v8

Once you click OK, all your CAD files will be associated with the respective program you choosed.