Can’t open DWG file in BricsCAD


Unable to open a DWG file in BricsCAD


One of the reasons could be the file format of the DWG: 2013, 2010, 2007, 2004…

BricsCAD v11, v10 or earlier don’t support files created in AutoCAD 2010 format (only up to 2007 format)

BricsCAD v12 allows to open DWG files up to 2010.

BricsCAD v13 until v15 and later can open DWG files up to 2013-2015.

BricsCAD v21 can open DWG files up to the latest version (currently 2021).

Upgrading BricsCAD to the latest version might solve the issue. Contact us if you require additional help.

Note: You could also ask the person sending the DWG to save as an earlier version of DWG to see if that solves the issue.