Configuring IronCAD on its First Use


What is the recommended configuration for IronCAD / Inovate / IronCAD Draft?


Once you have successfully installed IronCAD in your machine and run it for the first time, the following registration or product activation dialog box will appear on your screen.

IronCAD Registration Dialog Box

If you have your Activation code (1) enter your email and activation code exactly as received on your specified email address (copy/paste is the best way to avoid typing mistakes).

If you don’t have an activation code from IronCAD (2), click on the ‘I don’t have an Activation code’ link or visit the IronCAD Get Activation Code Website.

Once you activate your license, a Welcome dialog box will show, where you can select from the following:

  • Create a new Scene Document
  • Create a new Drawing Document
  • Create a new CAXA Draft Document
  • Open an Existing Document

IronCAD Welcome Dialog Box

In this example we will select Create a new Scene Document, and then click OK.

Now a Dialog Box with the New Scene Configuration will appear. Select Dark – Blue – Reflection under the Metric tab, and then click OK.

IronCAD New Scene Configuration

Once IronCAD is completely loaded, click on the IronCAD logo at the top left corner of your window, then select File > Tools > Options

IronCAD File - Options

On the General section, change the following:

  1. Precision displayer in dialogs (number of decimal places) set to 1
  2. Dimension precision (number of decimal places) = 1

IronCAD Options - General Tab

On the Interaction section, make sure the following options are selected (ticked or checked)

  1. Check ‘Use snap as default handle behavior (without Shift key)’
  2. Check ‘Enable Scene Browser to automatically open in new windows.
  3. Mouse Wheel Zoom > Zoom to cursor location

IronCAD Interaction Section

On the Sheet Metal section, make sure the Auto-Constrains bends option is checked.

IronCAD Sheet Metal Options Section

Once you have configured all the above, click OK to make the changes.