Customize Menu / Toolbar in RealCAD / LANDWorksCAD / ArborCAD


I would like to have a customized toolbar in RealCAD / LANDWorksCAD / ArborCAD with my choice of commands.


It is possible to display a customized toolbar menu.

Go to Tools > Customize > Display Custom Menu Horizontal (or Vertical)

RealCAD Display Custom Toolbar

An empty toolbar will appear, as shown below:

RealCAD Custom Toolbar on Screen

Go now to Tools > Customize > Add to Custom Menu

RealCAD Add to Custom Menu

The command bar will prompt you to Select the shortcut command to add to the menu.

Click on any of the commands will add that shortcut to your customized toolbar (menu).

RealCAD Select Shortcut to add to Custom Menu

You can also explore other options, such as delete from Custom Menu or even Customized your Keyboard Shortcuts.