DRCAuto Software on Windows 7


How can I install my current version of DRCAuto Software

  • LT Toolkit
  • Toolkit Max
  • !Slingshot Max
  • Slingshot 3D
  • SuperTools
  • Smart Architect

to work with Windows 7 -32bit and 64bit – machines?


 DRCAuto software is compatible with AutoCAD 2000-2010 and utilizes a 32bit installer package that supports direct installation to Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

Attempting to install any of the DRCAuto programs under a Windows 64-bit Operating System will not succeed since there are separate registry ‘hives’ for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) applications. In this instance, the installer will not be able to detect the presence of AutoCAD.

For Windows 64-bit platforms, the solution is to install both AutoCAD and DRCAuto software under what is known as Windows XP Mode (also known as Virtual PC).

Important: Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate required. Home Version does not include this functionality.

For Windows 7 Home Premium, use VMWare Workstation.

How to install Windows XP on VMware

Step 1 of 2 – Install Virtual PC (Windows XP Mode)

  1.  Visit the Microsoft web page
    to download and install Windows XP Mode (Virtual PC)

    Note: Windows XP Mode runs only as 32-bit even on 64-bit Operating System.

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  2.  Download and install Windows XP Mode

    Once you download and run the installer, it will show a Welcome dialog box. Click on Next

    Next step is to select a installation folder. Leave it as C:\Program Files\Windows XP Mode and click on Next

    The installation process will begin. Once it finishes, click on Next.

    Click on Finish to exit Setup

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  3.  Download and install Windows Virtual PC

    Running the file will search for updates in the computer first.

    Then it will prompt if you want to install Update for Windows (KB958559). Click on Yes.

    Read the License Agreement, then click on I Accept.

    The Update Installation will begin. Once if finishes, click Next.

    Once the installation is complete, click Restart Now for the updates to take effect.

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  4.  Download and install Windows XP Mode Update

    Note: Not needed if you are running Windows 7 SP1

    Running the executable file will first search for updates. Then it will ask if you want to install Update for Windows (KB977206). Click on Yes.

    The installation process will begin, as shown below.

    Once the installation is complete, click on Restart Now for the changes to take effect.

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Step 2 of 2 – Install AutoCAD and DRCAuto Software

  1.  Start Windows XP Mode for the First Time

    Go to Start, then type windows xp. From the result list, click on Windows XP Mode.

    The first time you run Windows XP Mode, read and accept the License Agreement, then click on Next.

    The next dialog box will ask for a Installation Folder, and username and password. Check ‘Remember Credentials’ to avoid typing the password everytime you execute Windows XP Mode.

    Note: Setting a password is compulsory. The Next button won’t be enabled unless a password and confirmation are entered.

    The following configuration window will allow to set Automatic Updates On or Off, then click on Next.

    On the next step you will confirm to share the drives on this computer. Click on Start Setup.

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  2.  Setting up WIndows XP Mode for first use

    Windows XP Mode on its first use will launch a setup process as shown below.

    Useful tips will be shown such as how to Install and Use Windows XP.

    Once the configuration process is finished, Windows XP will appear in a new Window.

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  3.  Install AutoCAD under Windows XP Mode Console

    Having Windows XP opened in a window, proceed to install AutoCAD as usual manner following the on-screen instructions.


    Following installation, run AutoCAD once (under Windows XP Mode console) and then close it. This will initialize its Registry entries and menus

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  4.  Install DRCAuto software under Windows XP Mode Console

    Use the Windows XP Mode Console (Window) to install the DRCAuto software following the instructions shown on the screen.

    As a remainder, please make sure you have at least opened AutoCAD once so the registry entries are initialized.

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  5.  Run DRCAuto software from Windows 7 (on Windows XP Mode)

    Once you have completed the installation of AutoCAD and DRCAuto software, close the Windows XP Mode Console.

    Go to the Start menu and type the DRCAuto product name. Once if appears on the screen, click on it and it will launch the program.

    Note: You can also drag and drop that search result and create a shortcut on your desktop.

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  6.  Done!

    After a few seconds your AutoCAD with DRCAuto software will show on Windows 7, although it’s using Windows XP Mode.

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