Edit text in PDF


Is there any way to modify texts in PDF the same way you could do it using Adobe Acrobat Writer?

We tried drawing a white rectangle to cover the text, and then inserting text… but it always shows behind the rectangle.


PDF XChange Pro does not offer direct text editing yet, but this is planned for Version 3 of PDF Viewer.

As for covering the text with a rectangle and then adding the new text on top, if you do them in this order, the text should be on top of the rectangle.

But if it is not, in the end user Viewer, you can control the order of object by right clicking on them, and if it is the SDK, you can use the Order commands available in the Viewer AX: Under Section Command List on page 91:

Order: BackOne       36546  – Back One
Order: ForwardOne    36545  – Forward One
Order: ToBackground  36544  – To Background Move to Background
Order: ToForeground  36543  – To Foreground Move to Foreground