Editing Cell List Choices on Excel LANDWorksCAD Plant Database


I would like to edit the list of choices for each of the column fields in the  LANDWorksCAD Excel Plant Database.

Is it possible?


In order to do that we need to manipulate (open) the LandworksPlantDatabase.xls under:

C:\Users\Public\LANDWorksCAD-v5.90 (Windows Vista or 7)

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\LANDWorksCAD-v5.90 (Windows XP)

Note: We recommend to make a backup copy before making any changes to the plant database (XLS file)

Clicking in any of the pictures below will show a more detailed image.

Step 1: Displaying Excel hidden rows

For security purposes, rows 1-29 are hidden by default. These contain the different options for each of the columns where applicable.

Select the header and 29 row as shown in the image below, then left click and drag down in the boundary line between both rows.

Select header and number 29 row

You shall see the hidden rows as below:

Displaying Excel hidden rows

Step 2: Modifying the droplist values

Select the colum you wish to modify the values, and add or remove parameters as shown on the example below (Container Size, BU column)

Altering column values

Step 3: Updating the data source

Select all the Container Size rows.

Tip, pressing CTRL + Down Arrow positioned at the end of the plant list will take you to the last row (65,536). You can then hold the SHIFT key and press CTRL + Up arrow to select all drop down lists for that column.

LANDWorksCAD Drop Down cell

Then select the Data tab from the Ribbon bar > Data Validation > Data Validation… 

Excel Data Validation Options

On the dialog box that will appear, go to the Settings tab, then update the range Source including all the parameters or values from the list. On our example we have to update from $BU$2:$BU$8 to $BU$2:$BU$10

Data Validation Update Source

All the dropdown lists will be updated with the new values.

Dropdown list updated values