Enabling AUTOSAVE in BricsCAD


I would like to autosave my drawings every ‘X’ minutes.


Go to Settings > Settings

Under Program Options, Open and Save there are several options to enable auto saving in BricsCAD.

BricsCAD Settings Open and Save Options


Incremental save backup

Controls the creation of a backup file (BAK). Improves the speed of incremental saves if switched off, especially for large drawings.

Save Percent

Sets the amount of wasted space tolerated in a drawing file expressed as a percentage of the total file size. If the estimate of wasted space exceeds the value set by ISAVEPERCENT, the next save will be a full save, which resets the wasted space estimate to 0. If set to zero, each save is a full save. Values between 0 and 100 are accepted.

Proxy Graphics

Determines whether images of proxy entities are saved in the drawing. If switched off, a bounding box displays instead.

Proxy Notice

Displays a notice when you open a drawing containing custom entities created by an application that is not present.

Proxy Show

Determines how proxy entities display in a drawing. Values between 0 and 2 are accepted.

  • 0 = Not displayed
  • 1 = Graphic images
  • 2 = Bounding box

Proxy web search

Determines whether the program checks for objects enablers:

  • 0 = Never
  • 1 = If a live Internet connection is present

Save Format

Sets the save format. Values between 1 and 33 are accepted.

Clipboard Format

Sets the clipboard format

Save Time Interval

Sets interval in minutes for automatic saves. If set to zero, automatec saves are turned off. Values between 0 and 240 are accepted.

Enable Macros

Defines whether macros are enabled when loading a VBA project.