Export Parts in IronCAD


How do I export parts from IronCAD?


To export parts from IronCAD, go to File > Export > Export Part

IronCAD File Export Part Menu

Type the filename and select the file format:

IronCAD File Export Parts Dialog Box

  • 3D PDF File (*.pdf)
  • Universal 3D File (*.u3d)
  • Hoops Stream File (*.hsf)
  • 3D Studio (*.3ds)
  • AutoCAD DXF (*.dxf)
  • Wavefront OBJ (*.obj)
  • POV-Ray 2x (*.pov)
  • Raw triangles (*.raw)
  • Stereolithography (*.stl)
  • VRML (*.vml)
  • Visual Basic File (*.bas)