Extrude 2D Profile in IronCAD


How do I Extrude a 2D Profile or Part created in DXF or DWG in IronCAD?

DXF Part


The following video shows how to Extrude a 2D part imported in IronCAD.

IronCAD Extrude from DXF file

The steps are pretty simple:

  1. Create a New Scene
  2. Go to the Feature Ribbon Bar, then Feature > Extrude Wizard
  3. The Extrude Shape Wizard will start
  4. Select How should the new shape affect existing parts? Stand alone
  5. Create Solid / Surface: Solid
  6. Click Next
  7. Select Away from the selected surface as the direction that the shape should be extruded from
  8. Click Next
  9. Specify the distance, then click Next
  10. Do you want to display the drawing grid? Select Yes and click Finish
  11. A grid will show on your scene
  12. Then, right click in any part of the grid, select Import…
  13. Select your profile and then click on Open.
  14. That will bring the profile into the grid.

IronCAD will highlight with red dots possible inconsistencies, such as not-closed parts and overlapping.

By dragging and dropping the points they will turn to white. That means the specific junction between parts (or point) is ok.

Once all the red dots have been turned to white, we are ready then to Extrude the imported DXF or DWG part.

  1. Select all the components
  2. On the Properties window (left side) select ‘Extrude
  3. IronCAD will automatically Extrude your part at the selected distance