Figure Layout in RealCAD / LANDWorksCAD / ArborCAD


I would like to be able to display all my figures in a layout.


There is a good way to get the entire list of figures and filenames into a drawing.

Go to Tools > Load Application, then select Figure Layout, then click OK.

RealCAD Figure Layout Application

The Figure Layout toolbar will be shown on your screen. By clicking the Figure Layout icon, select the folder you want to show on the the drawing and double click on the first figure of the list (or any other).

Figure Layout select folder

You then will be prompt with the Figure Layout options, where you can choose how the matrix will display on your screen: Number of rows and columns, plus the width and height. Additionally, you can also display the figure name and / or Display figure in ISO view.

Once you have configure the Figure Layout Options, click OK and then click (select) an insertion point. That would be anywhere in your plan drawing.

Figure Layout Sample

As a result, all the figures contained in the previously selected folder will display organized in the selected rows and columns, plus height and width.