Flatten 3D Drawing in RealCAD


How do I flatten a 3D drawing in RealCAD, LANDWorksCAD or ArborCAD?


The easiest way to flatten a 3D drawing is by scaling the drawing to the same X and Y factors, and set all the Z values to 0.

LANDWorksCAD 3D Plan Sample

Select all entities first, then go to Transform Commands > Scale Entities

On the dialog box:

  • Set the scale factor by Direct Entry
  • Set X scale to 1
  • Set Y scale to 1
  • Set Z scale to 0
  • Number of copies = 0
  • Click OK
  • Hit Enter (Locate the centre of the scale operation)

RealCAD Scale Options to Flatten 3D

The 3D plan now should be flattened to 2D.

LANDWorksCAD 3D Drawing Flattened