Function Keys in AutoCAD Misconfigured


My function keys in AutoCAD don’t behave the way it should.

For instance, pressing F9 doesn’t turn on or off the Snap Mode.


To manage AutoCAD function keys, go to Tools > Drafting Settings, or type dsettings onthe command bar.

AutoCAD Drafting Settings

You can specify the drafting settings organized for drawing aids in the following categories: Snap and Grid, Polar Tracking, Object Snap, Dynamic Input and Quick Properties.

AutoCAD Drafting Settings Object Snap

You can turn on or off the function keys, plus customize its behavior by tweaking the different options that comes with the different tabs.

In the screenshot above, you can turn the Object Snap On or Off (F3) and the Object Snap Tracking (F11) plus configure the Object Snap modes to: Endpoint, Midpoint, Center, Node, Quadrant, Intersection, Extension, Insertion, Perpendicular, Tangent, Nearest, Apparel intersection, Parallel.

To track from an Osnap point, pause over the point while in a command. A tracking vector appears when you move the cursor. To stop tracking, pause over the point again.

The function keys are as listed below:

  • F1 – Help
  • F2 – Text Window
  • F3 – Osnap
  • F4 – 3D Object Snap
  • F5 – Isoplane
  • F6 – Coordinates
  • F7 – Grid
  • F8 – Ortho
  • F9 – Snap
  • F10 – Polar
  • F11 – Object Snap Tracking On

The use of function keys will increase your productivity.