GrafiCalc Licensing Instructions


How to license GrafiCalc?


Once you purchase GrafiCalc and installed GrafiCalc

The first time you run GrafiCalc, the authorization window will pop up and display the serialization code.

GrafiCalc Activation Window

Step 1: Send us the Serialization Code

You need to send us the serialization code to receive the activation code. Follow the steps:

  1. Click on the Copy button in the serialization window (this puts the serialization code in the Windows clipboard)
  2. Copy and paste that code into a new email and send it to

We will process your serialization code and e-mail back the activation code.

Step 2: Copy and Paste your Activation Code

When you receive the authorization code follow the steps:

  1. Copy the activation code from the e-mail
  2. Start GrafiCalc by double clicking on Graficalc.exe
  3. Click on the Paste button, the activation code will be pasted.
  4. Click on Enter activation code to start GrafiCalc.

Your GrafiCalc software should be now activated.