Group Selecting Objects in Designer Pro


How do I select a group of objects? Alternatively, is it possible to select all of a certain type of object?


To select a group of objects

Multiple objects can be selected as a group by simply clicking and dragging a marquee around the objects to be selected.

Designer Pro Selecting Objects

To select one type of item within an selected area

Select the appropriate tool for the item that you want to select. For example, select the Dimension from the toolbar to select only dimension objects.

Select Dimension Tool

Hold the [Shift] key on your keyboard, then click and drag a selection box around an area containing the items you want selected

Select Dimensions

Since the Dimension tool was selected when the selection marquee was drawn, only the dimensions are selected, even though the selection contained other elements.

Only Selected Dimensions

You can then, change its properties using the Open Object command, for example, to change the dimension text size.

Designer Pro Change Properties