Home Designer Emergency Transfer Password


I just installed Home Designer Pro but a warning message tells me that the license is already in use and asks for my Emergency Transfer Password. What does all this mean?


Although you can install Home Designer Pro on multiple computers, a single license of the program can only be active on one computer at a time. If you need to run the program on more than one computer at a time, you will need to purchase additional program licenses.

If you have Software Lock Security, have been running the program on one computer, and wish to run it on a different computer, you must deactivate your license on the first machine.

If you have not deactivated your license on the other computer, you can use an Emergency License Transfer.  It is important to understand, though, that proper deactivation and Emergency Transfers are not identical, and that Emergency License Transfers should only be used in emergency situations such as a hard drive failure where you are unable to properly deactivate the license where it is in active use.

The correct way to switch from using Home Designer Pro on one computer to using it on a different computer is to deactivate the license on the first computer before launching the program on the second machine.  This is very easy to do and takes only a moment.

To deactivate a Home Designer Pro license follow these easy instructions.

In some instances, such as if your computer crashes, you may not have the opportunity to properly deactivate your license.  Should this occur, you can still launch Home Designer Pro on another machine by using your Emergency Transfer Password, provided that the new computer has Internet access.

Your Emergency Transfer Password is provided at the end of the program’s Registration Wizard, on the Completing the Designer Pro Secure Registration Wizard page.  Instructions on that page recommend that you save the password in a safe location for future use.

To do an Emergency License Transfer

  1. Launch Designer Pro on a computer with an active Internet connection where your license is not currently active.
  2. A warning message will display, telling you that the license is already active elsewhere and requesting your Emergency Transfer Password.
  3. Type in your Emergency Transfer Password and click OK.

As long there is an active Internet connection, the license will be deactivated on the old machine and become active on the current computer.

Emergency License Transfers should not be viewed as an alternative to properly deactivating your license before switching to a different computer.  They are intended to be used in emergency situations only, and only three are provided with your Home Designer Pro license.  If you use all three, no more will be provided until you purchase additional transfers.