How do I create a PDF from CAD?


I would like to send my plans in PDF. Is there any way to create PDF files?


The following video has been recorded using LANDWorksCAD. These same steps can be followed using RealCAD and ArborCAD.

To create PDF files from any software we recommend PDF XChange Pro.

Note: To follow this example, make sure you have PDF XChange Pro installed in your computer.

In this example, we want to create a PDF file from a LANDWorksCAD plan.

First, go to File > Print Preview > Window (or Selection, whatever suits you)

LANDWorksCAD Print Preview Menu Option

Then, click on the ‘Printer Setup‘ icon as shown below:

LANDWorksCAD Print Preview Printer Setup Icon

On the Printer Setup Dialog Box, select PDF XChange Pro and adjust the paper size, source and orientation as desired.

LANDWorksCAD Print Preview Change Printer to PDF XChange

Now we are ready to click on ‘Print’

LANDWorksCAD Print Button

The PDF file will start being generated, showing a progress bar on the bottom right corner of your screen.

PDF XChange Spooling

Once the PDF file has been generated, it will ask for a file name and location in your hard drive.

PDF XChange Save As...

You can Run the Viewer Application After Saving by selecting the appropriate checkbox, as shown above.

The PDF Viewer will show the generated PDF plan.

PDF XChange Sample


Youtube Video