How to Change Ceiling Height in Designer Pro


How do I control the height of walls when they are drawn in Designer Pro?

How can I change the ceiling height in Designer Pro?


When walls are drawn in a plan, their height is determined by the default ceiling height for rooms on the current floor.  The ceiling height can also be changed on a room-by-room basis.  The height of all walls defining a room will be identical and based on the height of the ceiling in that room.

To set the default ceiling height, go to Edit > Default Settings > Floor, then go to the Structure tab and change the ceiling values.

Designer Pro Structure Ceilings Height

To change the default ceiling height on a different floor, go to that floor and follow the same instructions above.

Note: Changes made in the Floor Defaults will affect all the rooms that are using the default ceiling height.

To specify the ceiling height for a single room, select the room then click the Open Object button.

Under the Room Specification dialog box, go to the Structure tab and change the ceiling height.