How to change plant figures in LANDWorksCAD v6?


How do I change my plant figures in LANDWorksCAD?


This example covers how to change the plant figures from proposed plants.

Step 1 – click on the Insert Proposed Plant command.

LANDWorksCAD Insert Proposed Plant Command

Step 2 – Check the Allow Editing checkbox in order to make changes to the plant database. Select your desired plant and click on the basic figure preview.

LANDWorksCAD Editing the Plant Database - Changing basic figure

Step 3 – Select your desired plant from the list.

Please note that the plant fills don’t show in the preview. However, using a descriptive name as in the example below will help you to identify the color fill.

Once you select your preferred plant then click OK.

LANDWorksCAD Selecting your Plant Symbol

Step 4 – The plant preview should show your selected plant.

Click on Save Database to save the changes.

LANDWorksCAD Save Database

Step 5 – A dialog box will appear saying that it may take a while to save. Click OK

LANDWorksCAD Save Confirmation Dialog Box

Step 6 – After a few seconds your plant database will save your changes. Click OK

LANDWorksCAD Saving completed

Step 7 – To prevent making unwanted changes, uncheck the Allow Editing checkbox.

LANDWorksCAD Uncheck Allow Editing

Step 8 – Now you should be ready to use your new plants.

LANDWorksCAD Proposed Plants Example

Important Note

Displaying many plants with planes and transparencies may slow down your computer.

It is recommended to switch off the layer 601 whilst working on your design to speed up the process.

Step 9 – Go to the Display Commands, select Layer Display

LANDWorksCAD Layer Display Command

Step 10 – Unselect Layer 601, then press OK.

LANDWorksCAD Switching Off Layer 601

Step 11 – Your plan should display only the plants outlines.

LANDWorksCAD Plant Fills Switched Off