How to change the color or material of a wall?


How do I change the material or color from a wall in Designer Pro?


Select the wall you want to change the colour or material, then click on Open Object

Designer Pro Open Object

Then go to the Materials Tab. Select the surface of the previously selected wall you want to change.

Click on the Select Material button to display the Select Library Object dialog box.

Designer Pro Wall Specification

Once you have the material you want selected, click OK.

Click OK again your material will be applied to your previously selected wall.

Hint: Use the Build > Wall > Break Wall tool to change the colour of a section of a wall vertically repeating the procedure previously explained.

If you want to change to color of a section of a wall horizontally, select the wall, then click on Open Object.

Select the Wall Covering tab

Click on the Add New button to open the library browser, choose a wall covering, then click OK.

Changing the Wall Covering specifications (distance from the Top Ceiling and Floor to Bottom will give you the desired effect.

Designer Pro Room Specifications Wall Covering