How to create a reusable material in Designer Pro?


How to create a reusable material in the library of Designer Pro?


To create a reusable material in Designer Pro Library, activate the Library Browser.

Designer Pro Library Browser Icon

Hold your cursor over the ‘User Catalog’ folder and Rick Click your Mouse.

Select ‘New’, then ‘Material…’

This will open a slightly different dialog box than before.

Repeat what we did before when created the plan material, except this time the Material will be saved in the Library Browser for reuse.

You should now see the newly created Material in your Library Browser

Designer Pro Library Browser Window

NOTE: When creating a Material such as a 300 x 600 tile that is not square, you can’t use the cross hatch option so you will need to check the ‘Use Custom Pattern File’ option and then locate the desired hatch pattern from one of the supplied pattern files or from CAD Internationals extra pattern set file called.

CADAustCustomPatterns.pat (right click on the file name, then Save as…)

Sets of hatch pattern definitions are located in files that end in .pat and these files are typically located in the following folder on your PC.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Chief Architect\Home Designer Pro 2012\

Designer Pro Define Material Custom Pattern File


Designer Pro Define Material Pattern