How to create a Skillion Roof in Designer Pro


Is it possible to create a Skillion Roof (Shed) in Designer Pro?


A Skillion Roof can be created in Designer Pro by simply specifying the ‘High Shed/Gable Wall’ option on the lower and side walls.

Designer Pro Wall Specification High Shed Gable Wall

The Automatic roofing tool will then draw an upward sloping skillion roof from the lower wall.

Designer Pro Skillion or Shed Roof Sample

You can also manually draw and edit a skillion roof by selecting the ‘Roof Plane’ icon Designer Pro Roof Plane Icon

Click and drag from one end of the length of the desired panel to the other. (The roof panel will pivot along this line if you change its pitch)

Click a third point to indicate the depth/width of the skillion roof panel.

Double click on the panel to open its dialogue box and edit its slope and other features.

Designer Pro Roof Plane Specifications