How to create new materials in Designer Pro?


I would like to create new materials on Designer Pro. How can I do that?


Creating new materials

To create a new material, first go to Library > Library Browser.

Right click on the My Library folder, then select New > Material.

Designer Pro Library Browser Contextual Menu

Type your preferred Material Name, then use the Color Chooser to use your desired color.

Designer Pro Color Chooser

Hint: Use the Eyedropper tool to select a particular color on your screen. You can select from any visible are on your screen, not necessarily within the Designer Pro window. Useful to select colors from websites, digital photos…

Once you have selected your preferred color, click OK.

Click on OK in the Define Material dialog box to add the new color material to your User Libraries folder.

Designer Pro Library Browser

Applying your color material to objects in your design

Materials are only visible in 3D views.

To apply your new material to an object in your design in 3D, click the Material Painter icon to open the Select Library Object dialog box.

Browse to the User Libraries category, then select your custom color material.

Click on any object in the 3D view, including walls, floors or cabinets to apply your custom color to that object.