How to drag a gazebo in Designer Pro?


I am trying to draw a structure the shape of an octagon, like a gazebo, and I want all eight sides to be of equal length. I am having a difficult time accomplishing this. Every time I adjust the length of one wall, another wall changes. 

How do I draw an octagon shaped structure with equal sides?

Gazebo Example Designer Pro


Step 1: Create octogonal room

First, we will create an octogonal room. 

Select Build > Decks > Polygon Shaped Deck command to launch the New Polygon Shaped Deck dialog box.

Designer Pro Polygon Shape Tool

In the New Shaped Deck dialog box, select the Number of Sides and Side Length, check the ‘Include Railing’ option then click OK.

Designer Pro New Polygon Shaped Deck

Step 2: Customize Deck Railing

The next step is to customize the Deck Railing. Select the Objects (railings) using the selection tools and click on Open Object edit tool to open the Deck Railing Specification dialog box.

In the Deck Railing Specification Dialog box, select the appropriate Railing Type and options under the Railing tab. You can browse a railing type from the library clicking on the Panel Library button.

Materials can be also set by going to the Materials tab.

Designer Pro Deck Railing Specifications Dialog Box

Repeat this procedure for each of the railings until they have all changed. Finally, change your camera view to see the results in 3D.

Step 3: Generate the roof

To generate the roof over the structure, select the deck railings and click on the Open Object edit button to display the room specification dialog box.

On the Structure tab, place check the option ‘Roof Over this Room’, then click OK.

If you have Auto Rebuild Roofs enabled, then your structure will update to have a Roof over it, based on the pitch and material settings in the Build Roof dialog.

Designer Pro Gazebo Sample