How to import a PDF in RealCAD / LANDWorksCAD / ArborCAD?


How can I import a PDF drawing into RealCAD / LANDWorksCAD / ArborCAD?


The following video has been recorded using LANDWorksCAD. These same steps can be followed using RealCAD and ArborCAD.

Step 1: Exporting from PDF to image files

  1. Open the PDF file using PDF-XChange Pro
  2. Go to File > Export > Export to image… PDF XChange Export Image
  3. A new window will appear where you can set the export properties PDF XChange Export Image Options
    1. Page Range: Select how many pages you want to export.
    2. Image Type: Select the image type you want to create (BMP recommended)
    3. Destination folder: Location where the images will be created
    4. File name: Write a filename for the image (or images)

      If you are planning to export more than one picture, click on the Macros button next to the file name textbox and select

      The filename will have the form: Your-Filename

      By doing that, you make sure your pictures will be named as: Your-Filename 01, Your-Filename 02… and so on

    5. Export mode: Choose ‘Save each page to a separate single page image file’ to create each page in a different image file.
  4. Click on Export… button once you set all the different options. It will create the image file or files in your specified folder.

In this example, we created the file Forest 01.bmp in My Documents folder:

PDF XChange Export Image in Windows Folder

Step 2: Insert images into RealCAD / LandWorks

  1. Open RealCAD / LandWorks
  2. Under the Text and Bitmap Commands, select Insert bitmap by one point RealCAD Insert Image Command
  3. Select the folder containing the images. Make sure you select the right file type. Otherwise you won’t see any picture. RealCAD Insert Image Select File
  4. Select the picture and click on Open
  5. You will now see the crosshair cursor with a rectangle RealCAD Insert Image Point Insertion
  6. If you see the prompt bar, it is waiting for the position of the bitmap image. RealCAD Prompt Bar
  7. Click anywhere in the drawing to see you picture inserted. RealCAD Image Inserted