How to Import Google Maps in CAD


How do I import or use Google Maps in my RealCAD, LANDWorksCAD or ArborCAD drawings?


It is fairly easy to use a Google Map image in CAD using the following instructions

Save the Google Map as image file

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, use the Snipping tool to select your desired portion of the screen containing the map, then save in your computer as JPEG file.

For Windows XP users, search for ‘Snippy’ on the Internet.

Insert the Image file in CAD

Using the Text and Bitmap commands, insert the bitmap image by one point.

If the image seems to be distorsioned, make sure under Options > Bitmaps that Original shape is checked. 

Scale the image file accordingly

Using the Scale Entities command, select by two points and length.

See it in action

See the following video below explaining step by step how is it done.