How to install and license StrucPLUS?


How do I install and license StrucPLUS for AutoCAD, BricsCAD or ARES Commander?


StrucPLUS Installation and Licensing Instructions

NOTE: You will require a version of StrucPLUS that corresponds to the version of CAD you are using. (eg., v2022 of StrucPLUS for v2022 of ARES Commander, or v17 of StrucPLUS for v17 AutoCAD etc.)


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are moving a license from one machine to another you MUST unlicense your old machine BEFORE a new license can be issued.



Run the installer file you have downloaded and it will start the StrucPLUS Installation Wizard. Click Next.

StrucPLUS Welcome Installation Wizard

Read and Accept the End User License Agreement. Click Next.


Click Install to start the installation process.

StrucPLUS Ready to Install

It should detect your compatible CAD application (eg., ARES Commander, AutoCAD, BricsCAD). Click OK.

StrucPLUS Compatible CAD Applications

After the installation completes, click Finish.

StrucPLUS Installation Complete

The first time you run AutoCAD you will have to Always Load the StrucPLUS required library (.dll).

StrucPLUS Always Load DLL

Your demo period will start (up to 30 days). Click OK.

StrucPLUS Demo

NOTE: You will also have to select a default template on start up.


And go through the Configuration dialog boxes the first time you run StrucPLUS with CAD.



LICENSING…(Stand Alone License)

IMPORTANT: If you are moving a license from one machine to another you MUST unlicense your old machine BEFORE a new license can be issued.

Run your CAD software and at the command line type SPLICENSE  then press [Enter] to bring up the licensing dialog box. (shown below)
Click on 2. Generate license request email

StrucPLUS Generate license request email

Note: The link to purchase a license is no longer active on this dialog for versions prior to June 2022.
Go to to purchase.


Enter your End User Details (not the ones shown below) then click OK.


StrucPLUS will attempt to send an email to us with your details. If that doesn’t work due to security settings you may, just attach the temp.txt file that is automatically generated to an email and send it to


You request is checked and processed manually by our accounts team.

After you receive your activation code by return email run the software and if required type SPLICENSE on the command bar then press [Enter] to bring up the licensing dialog box.

Now copy and paste the code from the email into the highlighted box below for stand-alone licenses, then click Authorise.


StrucPLUS should now be licensed.


Now type SPSETUP to set up StrucPLUS



Licensing (Network License)

StrucPLUS does not require additional software to be installed on the server, only the client machines running AutoCAD and StrucPLUS

Server instructions

A folder needs to be created on the server, with read/write permissions for all users, and shared throughout your local network.

That shared folder must be like \\Server-name\StrucPLUS-Licensing\ for example, or similar.

User workstation instructions

Run your CAD software, then type SPLICENSE, and press [Enter]

Click on the Network License tab, then select your Network License Folder clicking the Browse button.

Alternatively you may type the network address as shown in the example above, making sure the folder has read and write permissions for all users.

Next, click on Generate License Request Email button.

If Outlook is not installed, it will generate a temporary text file that can be copied and pasted into a new email using your preferred email client.

Once you receive your license information from CAD International, copy and paste the code exactly as shown on the email (making sure there are no extra spaces at the front or end of the code) and click on Authorise.

Once you receive your network access code you may copy and paste (including the network license folder path) to as many computers as desired within the same network.