How to Install ArborCAD


After downloading the install file how do I install ArborCAD on my Mac or Windows?


Important:  The software will be installed in the C: drive for ease of installation and use. 

Installing for Windows

(This video is the same for all RealCAD based software applications including ArborCAD)


Installing on Mac

  •  After downloading the install file:

1. Go to Finder Downloads,

2. Then press and hold the [Option] key on your keyboard and click once on the ArborCAD-v8.dmg file.

3. Then click Open and wait a little for the DMG file to run.

4. Then, go to Finder Devices where there should be a new ArborCAD device. Click on it.

5. Press and hold the [Option] key on your keyboard and click once on the ArborCAD-v8.pkg file.

6. Then click Open and allow the PKG package file to open. That will start the actual installation process.

7. Follow the on screen prompts until the software is successfully installed on your Mac. 

You should now be good to go.


 Note: If you get an “Unidentified App” warning, follow these steps:

  • In Finder , locate the app you want to open. (Don’t use Launchpad to do this. Launchpad doesn’t allow you to access the shortcut menu.)

    Control-click the app icon, then choose Open from the shortcut menu. Click Open.

    The app is saved as an exception to your security settings, and you can open it in the future by double-clicking it just as you can any Apple registered app.

    Note: You can also grant an exception for a blocked app by clicking the Open Anyway button in the General pane of Security & Privacy preferences. This button is available for about an hour after you try to open the app.

    To change these preferences on your Mac, choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy , then click General.