How to Install StrucPLUS v14


How to install StrucPLUS v14?


Once the StrucPLUS installation file is opened, the software will check compatible CAD software.

StrucPLUS v14 Checking Compatible CAD Applications

After a few seconds it will display a list of CAD compatible programs.

StrucPLUS v14 AutoCAD 2014 found

If your CAD software has been found, the installation wizard will commence. Click Next.

StrucPLUS v14 Welcome to InstallShield Wizard

Accept the End User License Agreement, click Next.

StrucPLUS v14 End User License Agreement

Leave the installation path to C:\sp2000, then click Next.

StrucPLUS v14 Destination Folder

Once the installation is completed, we will configure StrucPLUS to work with your CAD program. Select the CAD program from the list, then click on Configure

StrucPLUS v14 Select Application to Configure

Configuring AutoCAD 2014, we need to allow the LISP file to load in order to configure StrucPLUS. Select Load

StrucPLUS v14 AutoCAD 2014 Loading Security Concern

Some paths will be added as trusted

StrucPLUS v14 Added Trusted Paths

The StrucPLUS configuration routine will start.

StrucPLUS v14 Configuring

Some more paths will be added as trusted

StrucPLUS v14 Added Trusted Paths

The configuration routine will prompt to create a new profile. Click on Yes (recommended)

StrucPLUS v14 Create New Profile

Leave the profile name as shown by default, click OK

StrucPLUS v14 Enter Profile Name

Next, the configuration will make changes to the Support File Search Paths. Click OK

StrucPLUS v14 Configuring Support File Search Path

Once the StrucPLUS paths are added, click OK.

StrucPLUS v14 Support File Search Path added

Once the configuration is completed, Exit the CAD program.

StrucPLUS v14 Setup Configuration Completed