How to License Smart Architect?


How to license Smart Architect for BricsCAD?


Run BricsCAD, then type SAACCESSCODE on the command bar, then press [Enter].

Smart Architect SAACCESSCODE

Click on ‘Generate license request email’.

Smart Architect Generate License Request Email

Enter your User Details (name and email compulsory, then click [OK].

Smart Architect User License Details

Smart Architect will attempt to open Outlook to prepare the email to be sent to

If your computer does not have Outlook installed, it will create a temp.txt file.

Please send this file or copy/paste into a new email and send it to

Smart Architect License Temp File

After receiving your unique Stand-Alone Access Code, please make sure you bring the Smart Architect licensing dialog box and copy/paste making sure there are no extra spaces at the end of the code. Then click [Authorise].

Smart Architect Authorise

Smart Architect should be now licensed.

Smart Architect Licensed