How to License StrucPLUS v14 and earlier?


How do I license StrucPLUS v14 or earlier?

Looking to license a more recent version v15 and higher? Visit this link:


Once you have purchased and installed StrucPLUS, the following dialog box will appear every time you run AutoCAD.

StrucPLUS Application Software Authorization

Follow these 3 easy steps to get your StrucPLUS Authorization Number:

  1. Send an email to with the Application Key number, as shown above.


    For StrucPLUS v11 onwards, simply highlight the application key number, copy and paste in a new email.

    For StrucPLUS v8 users, take a screenshot of the dialog box, or alternatively type the number on a new email

  2. We will send you the Authorization number that must be entered (or copy and pasted) in the Authorization Number textbox
  3. Click ‘Authorise’

StrucPLUS will be successfully registered.