How to load LISP files automatically into AutoCAD?


How can I load .LSP (LISP routines) in AutoCAD automatically?


For loading LISP (.LSP) routines or applications into every AutoCAD session, or every time AutoCAD starts up, add them either by copying and pasting or typing on the command bar:

(load “yourApplication.lsp”)

to your ACAD.LSP (or ACCADOC.LSP) file using a text editor such as Notepad or Microsoft Word.

ACAD.LSP is loaded only in the first session unless you have ACADLSPASDOC set to 1.

As a simpler way, use the Start-Up suite in the APPLOAD dialog. You can even drag and drop your LSP files from Windows Explorer to the Briefcase icon in the APPLOAD dialog box.

AutoCAD APPLOAD LISP routines Application

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