How to record a walkthrough along path in Designer Pro


How do I create a walkthrough of my plan in Designer Pro?

Click here for walkthroughs in rendered plans



A 3D Walkthrough is a series of picture files saved in .avi format that can be played by other applications such as Windows Media Player.

There are two ways to record a walkthrough:

  • Draw a path in floor plan view using the CAD tools, then direct the program to record a walkthrough along that path. 
  • Create a 3D view, then begin recording and use the Move Camera tools to navigate through the view.

Step 1: Create Walkthrough along path

To create a path for a walkthrough, first select the CAD menu and then go to CAD > Draw Spline

Draw the first spline segment just as you would do a line, then draw the second segment from the end of the first at a different angle. As soon as two straight spline segments connect end to end, the straight segments become a curve. The point where the two segments meet is called a vertex.

Draw a few more segments, connecting each other to the free end of a previously drawn segment. As additional segments are drawn, the spline’s curvature changes to create an irregular curve that flows smoothly through each vertex.

Once you have completed your path, use the Select Objects tool and click on the polyline.

If necessary, use the edit handles to adjust the polyline.

New vertices can be added by selecting the Break Line edit tool and then clicking where you want the extra vertex on the spline.

Step 2: Record a walkthrough along a path

Click on the polyline or spline that serves as your walkthrough path, then click the Record Walkthrough Along Path edit button.

You can also select 3D > Walkthroughs > Record Walkthrough Along Path from the menu while the polyline or spline is selected.

An information message will display, recommending not to use the computer when the walkthrough is being recorded. Click OK.

Designer Pro Information Message Avoid Use Computer while Walkthrough

Browse to your desired location where the AVI (video) file will be created and type a file name. Click Save.

Browse Movie File Designer Pro

The Walkthrough Options dialog box will display.

Designer Pro Walkthrough Options Dialog Box

Specify the desired number of Frames Per Second, between 1 and 100. A higher number will increase the resolution and the file size.

Specify the Duration Along Path, in seconds.

Specify a Compression Percentage. The lower the value, the higher the resolution and file size.

Specify the Technique, then click OK.

Depending on the length of your walkthrough path and the level of quality that you specified, it could take some time to record the walkthrough.

To cancel the recording as it is being created, press the ESC Key on your keyboard.

If you resize your current view window while recording a walkthrough, the program will stop recording.

To view your walkthrough, browse to your previous specified folder location and double click on the AVI (video) file. It will open in your default media player.