How to send my drawing files on an email?


I want to send my plan files to my clients or partners.

What is the best way to send files as a single attachment on an email?


There are several ways to send your files as attachment. We will explain using Windows 7 and Microsoft Outlook.

First, place all your desired files (the one you would like to send) on the same folder.

Then, select all the files dragging a rectangle and ‘hovering’ over all the files, as shown below.

Select Files on Windows 7

Right click in any of the selected files, select Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder

Windows 7 Send to Compressed ZIP File

Rename the ZIP compressed file with a descriptive name.

Windows 7 Rename file

Right click on the compressed ZIP file, select Send to > Mail recipient

Windows 7 Send to mail recipient

Note: Make sure Outlook, Thunderbird or any other mail application is already configured in your computer when following this step.

The last step is to compose your email, and send it.

Outlook Email with Attachments ready to be sent