How to Set License Key in Plate’n’Sheet


How do I license Plate’n’Sheet?


Without a license key, Plate’n’Sheet will run in evaluation mode, allowing you to view the program but not to print, save or export as DXF.

To obtain a license key contact us and quote the computer ID as shown on your computer. This is unique to each computer and binds the license to that particular machine. The licensing form shown below is found by clicking File > Licensing

If you have already received a User Name and License Key, follow these steps:

Plate'n'Sheet Registration Window

  1. Click on the File pull-down menu and select Licensing to display the Licensing Form.
  2. In the textbox labelled User Name, enter the name exactly as supplied with the Authorization Key. Bear in mind that is case sensitive.
  3. Very carefully enter the Key into the textbox marked New Key. When completed, click the button ‘Authorize’ to complete the operation.